Monday, January 12, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal: A TASTE OF COUNTRY (Country Love #2) by Vicki Green


A Taste Of Country (Country Love #2)


Sometimes beauty is skin deep,
Other times it is in the things we see inside,
Then there are times it is both

Colby Carter comes from a traditional country life, one that dates back for generations. He put that behind him by attending an out of state college. He came back and his parents gifted to him their large farm and estate. Overwhelmed by the responsibility and knowing he can’t possibly keep up with the farm and the enormous house alone, he places an online ad to hire help. He has no time for women. He got his fill in college, acting the playboy that is now in his past. However, that doesn’t stop the women in town from trying to get his attention, but he knows they are only after two things: his hot and sexy body, and his wealth.

Shiloh Willson responds to an online ad to work for a man, cleaning and caring for his house. She finds it’s a perfect escape from the mess her life has become and a faraway place she hopes no one will find her. She can’t believe her eyes when she arrives at the large house, but what really surprises her is the hot and sexy man that hired her. Has she taken on too much? Will this be the perfect place to hide or will she have to run again?

Model featured: Colin Wayne
Photography for Colin: Golden Czermak - Furiousfotog
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha - Cover To Cover Designs


Vicki Green

Goodreads Author


in The United States 


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May 2013

About this author

I worked at the same full time job for 35 years.

I have a wonderful husband and two teenage boys.

I have been reading Romance books for over 2 years, yes I was a late bloomer. I have had this story in my head for that long and decided one day to just put it on paper, see how it reads. I just kept going until soon it was a full story.

I am so grateful to be able to publish my first book of many.

My Savior Forever released on June 28, 2013.

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