Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Release Day: LONGING FOR LOVE by Vicki Green


Longing For Love

Vicki Green


Love is harsh,
Love is cruel,
Love is blind,
Love is everything

Kane Evans’ family is not rich with wealth but in love and family. However, he has a way with women. His hot and sexy body is maintained by working out and doing the construction he loves. He spends the weekend nights out with his buddies and Sundays are always reserved for family time. Tattoos, black scruff and brown eyes make him look tougher than he is when inside he has the heart of gold and immense love for his family and friends.

Brianna Daniels’ family owns the best consulting firm and they are on top of the market in their expertise. Expanding their business, they are constructing a new building off the gulf of Florida. Her job is to oversee the construction and ensure the deadline is met for completion but must also maintain her clients who will be housed in the building. At twenty-two, not only is Bria one of the richest women for her age but one of the most beautiful. She doesn’t have time for men because she is all about succeeding and making her family proud. Something she’s been trying to do all her life.

What happens when you put a hot and sexy construction worker who loves women with a rich and pretentious, beautiful woman who won’t give men the time of day? You get one hell of a cat and mouse chase.

*Due to strong language and graphic sex, this book is intended for readers 18+


Amazon US:http://amzn.to/1Kch7mN
Amazon UK:http://amzn.to/1OTnsGY


Longing For Love is 100% your best yet. Not many books make me actually cry ugly tears, but Kane at time just wowed me. You managed to give me what we all call 'the feels!' I loved the camaraderie between this whole group of family and friends. Brock and Taryn's love is just beautiful to witness and so wonderfully well written. I adore Bria she is beautiful inside and out and you made her into a character I would love to meet!! 
I think the story elevated to an even greater level when Danie arrived, it was just so precious. This book was everything you want emotionally, from ugly tears, to laughter, from love to disgust,from happiness to sadness and everything in between. You are a wonderful writer and you should be very proud!! 
.......sitting wiping away my tears ......


I worked at the same full time job for 35 years.

I have a wonderful husband and two teenage boys.

I have been reading Romance books for over 2 years, yes I was a late bloomer. I have had this story in my head for that long and decided one day to just put it on paper, see how it reads. I just kept going until soon it was a full story.

I am so grateful to be able to publish my first book of many.

My Savior Forever released on June 28, 2013

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