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Author Feature Friday Nicole Deese

All for Anna (Book One)
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If guilt is a prison; Victoria Sales has given herself a life sentence.

Held captive by regret, 23 year-old trauma RN, Tori Sales, has seen the reality of many nightmares. But there is one nightmare she will never wake from—her last memory of Anna. 

Her efforts to save the little girl were not enough; she was not enough.

After a year of living alone, Tori is forced to return home—a place where heartache, loss, and broken relationships lurk around every corner. Isolation is her only solace; running is her only escape.

But she cannot outrun the truth forever.

When a handsome, compassionate stranger enters her world, Tori is inspired to deal with her past and focus on the future—one she never believed possible. But before her quest for closure is complete, a new revelation surfaces, tainting her world yet again.
Will she accept the recovery she so desperately needs? Or will she choose the escape she knows best..

5 Star Review. This book touched my heart in so many ways. Victoria has made some mistakes in her life and pays for them everyday because she just cant let go of the past. When she meets sexy, sweet and oh so irresistible Kai who makes her realize that change may just be good and she deserves to be happy!! This book takes emotions to a new level you feel every detail by the end of the book I was ugly crying!! Nicole Knows how to pull you in and make you feel like a part of the book. This is one of my top 10 books of 2013 and I cant wait to read more from this amazing Author!!

All She Wanted (Book Two)
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They determine how we live, who we are, and what we want. 
Some choices are made for us. Others we must make for ourselves. 

Charlie Lexington is a living consequence of both. 

Everything about the feisty redhead represents a second chance—even her name. Though she was rescued at the age of five, her past is a lingering reminder of what she longs for most.

And the one thing she has spent a lifetime trying to find. 

After a series of less-than-stellar choices, her Performing Arts Scholarship now hangs by a thread. Her sudden suspension has not only resulted in her father’s disappointment, but in the loss of her freedom as well. 

She is forced to face the music: four weeks house arrest. 

Briggs is the carefree, charming, yet all-too-mouthy fireman who is asked to keep an eye on the pretty little spitfire. He quickly learns, however, that his first assessment of her was off—she’s tougher than she looks. When her stubborn resolve pushes his sanity and intercepts his heart, his loyalties are put to the test. 


5 Stars. After reading All for Anna I couldn't wait to read a story about Briggs I loved him and book 2 made me Love him even more!! This book touched my heart just like the first one. Nicole knows how to write books about love, patience and healing. Once I started this book I could not put it down I loved every minute of it. I loved book one but connected more with Charlie and her fiery ways. This book is amazing and speaks from the heart and I loved every minute of it!!

All Who Dream (Book Three)
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Angela Flores is a survivor.

Struggling to rebuild her life after she was brutally attacked and left her for dead six years ago, Angie takes comfort in the quiet home life she’s created with her son Cody in the suburbs of Dallas. It’s a simple existence: managing a florist shop, leading a weekly recovery group, and blogging about the joys and challenges of being a single mom.

But simple just became a lot more complicated.

When Angie’s blog goes viral, the unexpected begins to happen. Suddenly, she’s signing with a publicist and heading to New York City for the summer, where she meets brooding bachelor Jackson Ross. Though she is drawn to the mysterious CEO of Pinkerton Press, her instincts are as unreliable as her heart.

She won’t fall victim to a man ever again. 

Jackson is well-versed in the art of denial. His perfect facade has been nearly impenetrable—until now. When the details of Angie's past are targeted by scandal, Jackson urges her to confront her fear despite his refusal to do the same. But neither of them can move forward without first uncovering one vital truth...

That while some keep fighting to survive, all who dream will find the courage to live.


5 star! Let me just say when I started Nicole's book it was a breath of fresh air not every book has to be about sex or the millionaire meeting the helpless female not saying I dont love books like that;) Nicole writes about life and the struggles everyone faces on a day to day basis not everyone lives a carefree easy life people deal with pain, heartache, aniexty, depression and many more things and Nicole shows the pain and struggle we face but also the belief that everyone can heal and I thank her cause I related to every book in some way or another.  All who Dream is about Angela a strong brave mother who has been torn down and faced the worse. Angela is blessed in her life and things start to look up. Each one of these stories is about rising over he hurt one faces in life and the beauty of overcoming it!! Bravo Nicole you are truly a gift and I cant wait to read more from you.


Author Bio

Nicole Deese is a lover of fiction.

When she’s not writing (or listening to the voices in her head), she can be found curled up on the sofa, reading. She often fantasizes about reading escapes, which look a lot like kid-free, laundry-free, and cooking-free vacations. A girl can dream, right?

Her debut novel, a contemporary romance, All for Anna, was released in January 2013 and has hit multiple milestones, including a 4.6 star rating on Amazon and over 150,000 downloads on Kindle. 

Nicole lives in Frisco, Texas with her hunk-of-a-husband Tim, and two rowdy boys, Preston and Lincoln.

Author Interview
1. I live in a house full of boys (one husband, two sons). I have naturally curly hair that hates humidity. And I LOVE Nutella pizza.

2. READ! Like as much as I possibly can. Last year I read just over 90 books, and wrote three full-length novels of my own. I am obsessed with words! 

3.I almost always have a fluffy blanket on my lap when I write---it helps me think. So do yoga pants. I am pro-yoga pants. 

4.I've been a storyteller since I was a young girl, but I started writing fiction about two years ago. I finished my first book, All for Anna in July of 2012.

5. I'm a hopeless romantic. No matter what genre I write in, there will always be a love story. It's a part of my DNA.

6. Ideas can spark from almost anything, but they tend to happen most when I'm outside, walking. 

7.Anywhere that involves no children! I'm not too picky on location :) I love spontaneous overnight trips. 

8.I wish I were a plotter. I have plot-envy, actually. I'm what they refer to as a "pantser", but I am trying to be more of a plotter these days. We'll see how that 

9. I LOVE TAHERAH MAFI. I want to be her when I grow up, although she's a few years younger than me, so I don't know how that works exactly. But she is my all time favorite author. Her writing is beautifully poetic. Read the Shatter Me series. It's AMAZING!

10. I didn't face many challenges with publishing as I went the Indie route. I've been very happy so far with that decision.

11. Honestly, I don't think I would change anything. I've been blessed with an awesome literary agent, Jessica Kirkland at The Blythe Daniel Agency, and great editors and beta readers...and fans!!! What more could I ask for?

12. Moths. Or flying bugs. Anything that can get caught in my hair. Eeewwww!

13. I have a book that I started over the summer that is about 65% complete. I hope to go back to it someday and finish it. It's a beautiful story, I just need a little boost of inspiration to finish it I think.

14. My newest release, All Who Dream, is a story about a single mom who has had some abuse in her past, but has lived in recovery for several years. All she desires is a safe and quiet reality...but when an opportunity strikes, she has to decide is she will take a risk and live her dream. And yes, there is a love story! Of course!

15.In All Who Dream there are many pieces of "real life" woven into the storyline. I have worked in recovery programs for a couple years now, and I have seen a lot of broken, hurting women. Angie Flores, my heroine, is a pretty realistic portrait of a woman who has walked through recovery and come out the other side of it. I also have several very close friends in my life who are single moms. I wanted to give them a "voice" through Angie. :) I hope I achieved that with this story. 

16. The black moment. It's that moment when a character is at their lowest, when all hope seems lost and there is no turning back. I'm a very empathetic person, so I really "feel" those scenes, and though they are difficult for me emotionally, I feel that my best writing can be found in them. 

17. The titles for all three of my books have been really easy to come up with. I'm not sure why. I wasn't planning on writing a series at first, it just sort of happened. I liked the idea of sticking with "All". So I did. 

18. I just started a new two-book series. I can't say too much about it yet, but it's about sisters who share everything, including lies, love, and loss. 

19. I'm projecting my next release to be in Spring of 2014.

20. Ya know, I love to work with broken characters. I imagine a lot more "issue-based" characters in my future, especially my heroines. 

21. My toughest criticism I've heard so far is that "I'm too dramatic". I've heard that a few times. Oh well. I like writing drama, what can I say? My best compliment is that my characters feel real, like take-me-on-a-coffee-date kind of real. That makes my heart happy!

22. My most embarrassing moment is when I was snorkeling on my honeymoon in the Bahamas with my husband. I got freaked out by a few fish that touched my leg and ended up swimming like a torpedo to the shore. I beached myself in front of a huge audience. My swimsuit was full of sand. My husband loves to tell that story. 

23. I would love to sat THANK YOU! Your shares, your messages, and your reviews have overwhelmed me this last year. Thank you for being a part of my dream, and for sharing in a piece of my heart. YOU ARE AWESOME! 

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