Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life for Rent Review

Life for Rent
Emmie Lou Kates

Beth is always running from love, life and relationships and yet another disastrous break up finds her in a little village in Cornwall. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy the quiet country life and continue her work as a freelance artist.

Liam was young free and single, enjoying the sun, surf and sex life to be found living in Cornwall, until tragedy strikes his family and he is left on his own trying to keep the family farm going.

Two lost souls not wanting to be saved until fate and a little Cornish magic steps in.


I'm giving this book 3.5 stars.

First I would like to say this was the first book I have read by this author.

The book starts with Beth Hathaway unpacking her belongings after running away, again. We find she has moved to a small village on the coast of Cornwall.

Within the first few pages she meets the adorable Liam Trevose. Where both characters clash and there life begins from there.

This book is based on the magic of Cornwall. Legend has it that the prophecy of the stones picks couples as a love match. And what better couple to pick than two broken souls.

Beth Hathaway and Liam Trevose are both broken souls. Both struggling with their own pain. And both accepting to never love again. Until one day when two mischievous Piskies remedy their potion and the magic begins.

Kerensa and Jory, 'the Piskies' have to make sure they are at the stones on midsummer's eve for the magic potion to take full effect. Or both their hearts will be lost forever. These two Piskies were what drawn me to this book. There banter was exhilarating. Jory's meddling and his ability to mix his potions wrong, where refreshing to read.

Not only do Beth and Liam have the help from the Piskies, but many of the villages believe in the prophecy, and have also witnessed the magic. So as much to Beth's dismay, you can see there is much meddling in this book to make the magic happen.

The reason I have given this 3.5 stars is because I found it hard to get into this book. Please don't get me wrong by 3/4 of the book I was entranced in the magic. I have to admit I found it hard to get into Beth's character. However I adored Liam straight away. Oh and the two little Piskies, loved them, they are so great, and funny. And I would love to read a book from their point of view.

This book is a HEA, even though there is more coming from this author. Which I intend to read as I would love to see what happens in The Daughters of the Stones trilogy.

~Reviewed by Sarah Hynes, Guest Reviewer for For the Love of Books

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