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Featured Author Amber Fast

I'm very excited to introduce you guys to Amber Fast and her book Ride for a Cure! 
                                  ~ Leslie ~
My name is Amber Fast I call West Virginia home. I have four amazing kiddos. Payten, Hannah, Landen & Izabella. I married my best friend on 11/11/11. I have a passion for writing and singing. My first book called "The Escape" was published on August 13th 2013.

Grayson James has dedicated almost his entire life to running the ranch his Grand dad built for his Grandma in Odessa Texas, but when his niece Macee opens his eyes to a whole new opportunity he begins to change the lives of children all over Texas. 
Macee gets diagnosed with autism at the young age of three, Grayson immediately notices the bond she seems to have with his horses. She try's to talk and interact with them more than she does people.
That is when Grayson starts the Ride for a cure foundation, allowing children diagnosed with autism to come to his ranch daily for two weeks out of the summer to ride and interact with his horses. He also raises money to donate to finding a cure. Love was the last thing on his mind until he met Tanley West.

Tanley West grew up in a middle class neighbor hood, never needing anything, but never having the things in life most kids want to experience. Her only goal was to go to school and open up her own bakery. When she and her best friend Presley finally make that dream a reality she seems to be on top of the world, making ends meet with maybe a little cash left over. 
When Grayson James walks into her shop Sweet Treats to place an order for his local charity auction she is blown away, by this sexy cowboy looks and sweet southern charm, but will she let him in and risk it all for love? Or will she blow him off leaving him to fight till the end to make her his.

What inspired you to write your first book? Me and my sister actually were going to write The Escape together, but she had to much work for school, and in all honesty that book just poured out of me. It is a novella, and a lot of my readers were a little upset because it was so fast paced, but that is how I intended it to be :)

What was the hardest part in writing your book? I think the hardest part for me was the fear of rejection. I have wanted to write books for years, but I was always afraid that I would not be good enough.

How did you come up with the title? I came up with the title after I set the story line. It just seemed to fit, Autism holds a very close place in my heart :)

How much of the book is realistic? Really not much of it, other than most of the qualities that Grayson holds are qualities I find in my husband. He is very loving, caring and willing to give myself and our kids the world. There is a place in the book where Tanley says "Just being you, being a man any and every woman would dream of."  "You are my most wanted fantasy becoming a reality." That is my phrase to my husband because after chasing him since 15 I finally got him ;) So most of the "Relationship" parts are my life. The homes ect are my dreams!

What books have most influenced your life most? I'm not sure if there is a book that has influenced my life per say, but my career as a writer yes. Reading Jasinda's book Falling into you is what really opened my eyes to finally start writing myself. Her Big girl series is soooo close to my heart as well! Being a big woman that story touched me in so many ways it all just felt so real to me like I was reading parts of my own life. I admire her so much for making a book that went past what society sees a woman as, because there are so many different sizes of woman and men for that matter, and I for the life of me just can't see why people are so judgmental. So that book allowed me to say "Hey I am beautiful even though I am big I'm beautiful and there are people out there who agree with me."

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? Kelly Elliott or Jasinda Wilder. I could NEVER chose one or the other between those two. I adore them both and I LOVE there books.

What book are you reading now? I'm actually not. I have been so busy writing I have not had time, but I am definitely counting the days to Kelly's release of Cherished, I have it pre ordered and will be taking a break to read it. I will do the same when Jasinda releases Saving Forever, I'm just slightly obsessed with those two! Shhh ;)

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? FL Jacob. I honestly don't know how "new" she really is, but I totally adore her!

What are your current projects? I was writing a second book to the ride series however I am considering placing that on hold. I have an opportunity to work with Christopher Van Etten he is veteran marine double amputee  & his life and story is beyond inspirational, I am working with him on writing a fiction/non fiction book in his honor where he will be gracing the cover of the new novel. I am SOOO excited to bring this book out. I promise it will bring emotions out in folks they didn't realize they had! :) Either way both books will be out fingers crossed by April!

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? Just to not give up on me! I am new to this and I want to bring them amazing books, books that they can't put down, books that make them come back begging for more. It's my goal to make this a career that I love and enjoy, and without my readers that is not possible. I thank each and every one of them that has supported me all the way through.

What is the most embarrassing moment you've had? As a writer? None yet thank God LOL, just in general?? hmmmm I honestly don't know lol I am REALLY hard to embarrass I mean I would have to like pee my pants in public or some shit to really get embarrassed lol

Who is your favorite character in your book and why? My favorite has to be Grayson! He is a total swoon, trust me every woman will want one of him ;)

Whats your favorite sex position and why? Definitely doggy style **I is blushin over here** HAHA anyways I'm not sure really why, I guess because it feels freaking AMAZING  LOL
Whats your favorite snack? Reese's :D

What do you do for fun? I have four young kiddos ages 7, almost 6, and twins that are 3 also one that is 28 if you want to count him hehe ;) so you can imagine I don't get out much LOL, but that is OK with me. I love being able to be home with my babies and getting to enjoy them while I can because before I know it they wont want to hang with mom anymore lol 

What is your favorite part of being an Oilfield wife? The hardest? I think the best part is the pride I have in my husband, I know that what he does is hard, but I NEVER hear him complain, he never misses work. He got his first promotion to supervisor only three months after starting with his company which again shows how dedicated he is to his work and I love that about him. 
The hardest part would have to be the hours he works, 60-80 a week. Also when he works out of state, I HATE it I went over 40 days without seeing him and I went nuts LOL I drove to go see him because I couldn't take it anymore haha

4 1/2 SWEET EASY ROMANTIC STARS! This book was a quick entertaining enjoyable read! Tanley and Grayson hit it off immediately and just know that the other one is someone who is different then the people they normally meet. The have a cute easy relationship that just happens like it does when two people are meant to be. This is a pretty easy romance with no drama. Just a cute story of two people who fall in love and you get to read their relationship blossom. This is definitely one I would recommend :) ~ Leslie

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