Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deviant Review

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5 stars of Fuck me!!! When reading this book you would never thing that it was a debut novel but holy crap talk about a hot read. This book had me at the first chapter had me wanting to surrender everything just to read more. Deviant is down and dirty and gets to the point doesn't drag on which I love cliffhanger not so much! I cant wait to read more from Callie!! She just gained a new stalker;) Sloane is searching for her sister that has gone missing and she will not stop till she finds her. Well holy hell  Sloane sure found something I dont think she expected Zeth sexy hot and just damn... Sloane and Zeth have some sex scenes that all book couples should be jealous of cause I know I wanted it.  This book had me speechless and definitely beginning for more I cant stress enough how impatient I will be till the next book!!

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