Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parker's Past Blog Tour

Title: Regina Frame
Author: Regina Frame
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: November 11, 2013

Parker Beaumont is known for his playboy lifestyle and womanizing ways. After his parent's failed marriage, he vowed never to fall in love. Love destroys people and sometimes they don't recover. Sometimes they don't come back.

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This was an ok read for me… it’s the 2nd book or actually novella in the Beaumont Trilogy.  “Parker’s Past” is a backstory to, well… Parker’s Past.  This is a pretty fast read, considering that it was only 36 pages on my e-reader, and there’s really not a lot of “story” to get out of that amount of pages. 

Ok, honestly, I really didn’t like Parker… yeah, he’s an adult and he’s brutally honest about not wanting anything more than just sex with the women he “hooks-up” with… side note, I absolutely detest the term “hook-up”, especially when it’s coming out of an adult’s mouth and if there’s a record for how many times it can be said in a book… well, this book would break that record…hand’s down.  Alright, getting off track… ok, so Parker pretty much is a man-whore that thinks every woman is after him for his money, which is one of the reasons that he likes his lifestyle as “love em & leave em”.  Parker does start to wonder if he may eventually want more from life, but it seems that as soon as that particular idea pops in his head, he quickly dispels the notion of any long term relationship because he’s just not ready. 

So… to wrap up, there are lots of sex scenes but not so much plot… I just couldn’t really get invested in the story or the characters…
3 stars ~Kathy

My name is Regina Frame and I live in Alabama with my husband and three dogs. I've always had a love for animals and I work with charities to help raise money for homeless pets. I've been known to carry food in my car and stop on the street to feed an animal. I recently rescued a severely abused dog after trying for two months with no success. He now lives with me and my husband and he is happy and healthy today.

I'm an avid reader of romance and erotica novels, and recently released my own. Saving Chloe is part one of a trilogy which was released September seventeenth. Parker's Past is book two, which was released Nov. 30, 2013. The final book "Family Secrets" will be released early 2014. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

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