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Blog Tour: I Won't Give Up on You

I Won’t Give Up on You
FL Jacob

(Book 2, Black Hollywood Duology)

Genre: Erotic Suspense
Release: APRIL 16, 2014

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*Please note this book will only be available on Amazon.  If readers would like to purchase nook or kobo versions please contact me directly.

Sabrina’s dreams are slipping away in the wake of the shooting. She’s lost trying to cope with the new reality of her life. Can Caston help her see that the scars on the outside haven’t changed who she is on the inside?

Caston’s true past comes to light, bringing his present crashing down around him. In a life full of betrayal, how will Caston cope when the truth is revealed? Can Sabrina be the constant Caston needs to help him make the life changing decisions he needs to in order to move on?

When the web of lies is torn apart, who will be left standing? Will the right person take the fall?

Follow Caston and Sabrina through the aftermath and find out what happens when they each vow I Won’t Give Up on You.

 *PLEASE NOTE* This book is for 18 years and older. This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

5 Awesome Stars of Sexiness
F.L. Jacob has done it again! She has given us a wonderful story filled with sexiness that you will devour from beginning to end! I cried, I laughed, I shouted (hey, don't judge, it happens to the best of us), and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of Sabrina and Caston's story.

I Won't Give Up on You picks right up where Have I Told You leaves off so I HIGHLY recommend reading them in order! We once again find ourselves surrounded by some of our favorite characters as they fight for their happily ever after.  This book is filled with wonderful twists and turns that will leave you turning the pages as quickly as possible.  I was NEVER able to get enough! F.L. Jacob has a talent for always giving you enough while always making you want more.  That's how wonderful this story is.  And don't even get me started on the heat! The sex scenes are on FIRE and you will definitely need a fire extinguisher to put out the flames that ignite between Sabrina and Caston.  Hot, steamy, and just how I like it!

You will be hooked from beginning to end! So do yourself a favor, if you haven't read Have I Told Youthen hurry up and read it and then jump right into I Won't Give Up on You.  You will not regret it and will love every second that you are immersed in Sabrina and Caston's story.

I am a mommy of two, wife to an amazing man, and full time employee. Life is crazy and busy!  I started writing again for a group of women I met last year. They brought back the passion for writing I haven’t seen since high school. Starting this process was tedious and nerve-wracking, but my amazing ladies and my fabulous husband have inspired me to take my love for writing to the next step.

The bright blues are hooded.  Brushing my hair to the side, he places a few kisses and a nip on my neck, making every nerve endings come alive. 
“Look at yourself in the mirror,” he commands. 
His white shirt hangs to my knees.  I’m dwarfed in it, but he’s right; I don’t think I’ve ever looked sexier, but I think it could be the constant flush on my face when I’m around Caston. 
His arms reach around and slowly he starts to unbutton the shirt, keeping his eyes locked on mine.  Once it’s open, he slowly pulls it down my shoulders and lets it fall to the floor.  His hands slide up my arms. Reaching my shoulders, he rubs small circles before sliding his hands down the front of me, cupping my breasts and rolling my nipples between his fingers. 
“Oh, Caston.”  My head falls back onto his shoulder. 
“Bre, I said to look at yourself in the mirror.” My eyes catch his again.  “Do you know how sexy you look standing here?” 
I shake my head, and he places a few kisses on my shoulder. 
“Let me tell you.” His voice is smooth and sultry.  It sends a shiver down my spine.
I look at him as his eyes rake up and down my body.  Just as I’m about to move to cover myself, his hands move down and rest on my hips, creating a tingling trail where his hands have been.
He places a kiss behind my ear.  “Where should I start, love?” 

Book 1 Information:
Have I Told You
FL Jacob
(Book 1, Black Hollywood Duology)
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Read For the Love of Books 5 Star Review!
Book 2 Information:
I Won’t Give Up on You
FL Jacob
(Book 2, Black Hollywood Duology)
Genre: Erotic Suspense

*Please note these books will only be available on Amazon.  If readers would like to purchase nook or kobo versions please contact me directly.

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