Monday, July 27, 2015

Blog Tour: QUARTER MILE HEARTS by Jenny Siegel

Title: Quarter Mile Hearts: An
American Muscle Novel

Author: Jenny Siegel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 7, 2015

Following an accident injuring her dad, twenty-four
year old Leigh Storm returns home to the town she was once so desperate to

It is only a matter of hours before she runs into
Max 'Manwhore' Morgan. Dark eyed and
dangerous to her heart, he is the very last person she wants to see. It might
have been four years since she saw him last, but there's no denying the
chemistry between them is as potent as ever. Max makes it clear he isn't about
to let her run again, even if he is the one thing Leigh vowed to herself she
would never date: a street racer.

After racing tore apart her own family and left a
path of destruction in its wake, Leigh decided long ago that it is not the life
she wants for herself. But when a wager gone wrong threatens her dad's
livelihood, Leigh must go against everything she believes in.

This time there's more at stake on the quarter mile
that just the family business-She's risking her heart as well.

What a gem of a book this is. I started and finished it in one sitting!! It had multiple storylines running alongside the main one staring Leigh and Max, this gave the book much more depth and realism. Max won my heart immediately, although I don't think you are meant to like him at the beginning. I love a bad boy with a good heart and this is totally what Max is. Leigh on the other hand is a good girl with ideals she is trying her hardest to live to, however she didn't expect love to cause a problem with these ideals. I love the car racing theme as it is new and fresh. We are introduced to the family and friends of Max and Leigh and they are great. I really enjoyed this book from an author who is new to me. I will look out for more books from her in the future. I award this book 4 stars~ Rosie 

Jenny Siegel writes new adult
romance. When she's not writing (or entertaining two little terrors) Jenny is
glued to her Kindle, or plotting (also known as daydreaming) about hot tattooed
heroes that will sweep a girl off her feet.

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