Friday, July 3, 2015

Cover Reveal: SWEET CHARITY - The Black Maverick's MC book 1 by Sherri Crowder

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 Title: Sweet Charity ~ The Black Maverick’s MC book 1

Author: Sherri Crowder

Release Date: July 14th 2015

Cover Model: Alfie Gordillo

Photographer: Eric Battershell

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Charity, always the beloved small town girl meets Jackson the President of a local MC when his company undertakes renovations on a new building for her restaurant Sweet Charity's. When they first meet there is an immediate attraction although neither acts upon it as Charity is currently living with a member of a rival MC, although she didn't know that when she started dating him. When that relationship ends Jackson pursues Charity full out. They face some challenges though. First, will Charity even entertain dating another biker? Also, how will Charity take to club life, having never been exposed to it before, and what about the new Black Maverick's family that come along with Jackson? Tommy, her ex, also doesn’t like her new boyfriend.

Come along for the ride that is Sweet Charity!


“Are you ready to get out of here?” Jackson asked Charity after they finished sharing a chocolate mousse for desert and he had settled their bill.
“Of course,” Charity replied.
Jackson helped Charity into her sweater which she had removed shortly after they sat down at their table. He then reached for her hand and led her outside. It was a beautiful evening with a full moon reflecting on the lake and stars in the sky. He turned to Charity and asked, “Would you like to take a walk along the boardwalk before I take you home?”
“I would love that Jackson,” she answered. “It’s so beautiful tonight.”
As they walked along hand in hand they listened to the crickets chirping and the water lapping at the shore. Every now and then you could hear the odd fish splashing to the surface catching bugs or flies. They continued along the boardwalk in silence as all the while Charity was beginning to think that Jackson wasn’t going to make any more moves towards her tonight. She had to admit to herself that she was most definitely disappointed.
“It’s so pretty here. I rarely ever get down here especially at night,” she told him.
“I’m glad you don’t come down here at night, at least not alone,” he said. “A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be wandering around down here by yourself. I would worry about you if I thought you were.”
“Really? Why would you worry about me Jackson? I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself you know,” she said with a giggle.
They had just reached a corner of the boardwalk and Jackson pulled on Charity’s hand and turned her putting her back up against the handrail. He then placed his hands on her hips and looked down into her eyes. “Charity I would worry about you because I care about you. I have for a while now and it just about killed me to work so closely with you all those months and not tell you or touch you or kiss you,” he said. Then taking his hand and moving her hair back behind her ear he leaned down and lightly whispered into her ear, “I’ve wanted to hold you and kiss you and love you for so long. I want you in my bed right now.” Then he kissed her neck and Charity let out a little whimper and dug her nails into his thick biceps.
Her breathing was heavy and as Jackson moved from kissing her neck and looked into her eyes once more Charity stretched up and placing her hands around his neck she pulled him down and their lips met in a kiss. This kiss was like no other kiss Charity had ever experienced before. Her lips parted and Jackson swept his tongue inside her mouth moaning at her taste. Charity tasted him back and let her tongue take control for a bit. They kissed until they were both panting and groping each other as their breaths became even more labored and out of control. Suddenly their lips parted and they stood with their foreheads touching trying to catch their breath. Jackson reached up and removed one of Charity’s hands from around his neck and moved it down to feel his thick cock pushing against his jeans. “Charity I want to take you home,” he said. It wasn’t a question rather a statement however if Charity had any objections he’d let it go. It might fucking kill him but he would do anything Charity wanted.
Looking down and seeing the huge bulge in the front of his jeans, Charity tightened her grip around his cock and Jackson groaned. This woman had him worked up like no other woman ever had before. If she weren’t so damn special to him he’d lift up her skirt and have his cock plunged deep inside her already but Charity was a woman who deserved more. So much more. Letting go of him and smoothing her hand up the front of his shirt Charity looked up into Jackson’s blue eyes. “Let’s go,” she replied.

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