Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blog Tour: When Love Calls by Anja Pruitt

Somewhere between Josh and Mike I lost my panties. I didn’t plan it but shit happens and this time it happened to me. Together they are the perfect mix of sweet and savory and equally delicious. How’s a girl supposed to choose between what teases her pallet and what tugs at her heart?

Somewhere between Josh and Mike...I lost myself! This book was an enormous story about friendship, love, one night stands, and happily ever afters.  Reading about Erin and her relationships in the beginning sets you up for an entirely different outcome than what actually happens.  It was nice to see and read about a successful woman coming to terms with her past and making a new way for her future.  We all come to a point in our lives when we know something has to change.  We don't know what it is, but we know it  has to change.  Erin recognized this pull in herself and did what was necessary to improve her life by improving her relationships, not only with men, but with her friends as well.  This was a great story! I rate it at 4 out of 5 stars.  It is a small price to pay for hours of reading pleasure.

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“Excuse me!” I said as I instinctively grabbed his arm. Yeah, those arms could hold me. I took an extra moment to put my surveying skills to work and appraised everything attached to his semi-flexed bicep. A little over six-feet-tall. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Athletic build. Nice. No ring on the left hand. Very nice. Goatee. Meh. Light blue dress shirt and tan Dockers. Well, at least he looks professional. 

He’d flashed a sideward glance to the place where my fingers rested and said, “You’re okay. Look, no harm done.” He nodded toward the tray wrapped in his exceptionally large hands. All the items had slid back to rest against his chest, but nothing had spilled over. “You must really be in a hurry Dr…Porter.” He’d said as he glanced at the I.D. badge clipped above my left breast. 

“Actually, I am. I just came to grab something quick before making rounds.” I watched as his eyes moved toward the arm where my hand was still resting.

“Well, you’ve grabbed me, so now what?” He flashed a charmingly crooked grin.




Anja Pruitt—singer, songwriter, thespian and part-time stand-up comedian decided to try her hand at writing! Yep, I’ve put down the mike and picked up a pen (well, actually a laptop but pen sounds so much better)! I am overjoyed to share my first novel with all of you. Writing it has been the most freeing, scary and brave thing I’ve ever done. Thanks for the support!  You can find me at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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