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Feature Author: Theresa Troutman

Alright Bookies are you ready to get to know this amazingly awesome author?!?! Well I'm thrilled to be able to help you get to know her!  I also had the pleasure of reading Life's What You Make It, the first book in her Love's Great Adventure Series! So check out my interview with Theresa, read my 4 1/2 star review of Life's What You Make It, and then make sure to check back on our Facebook page for a giveaway of Life's What You Make it! ~ Leslie ~
Theresa Troutman lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their crazy dog, Niko. She loves reading, theatre, traveling and is an active member of the SCBWI. Works by Theresa include My Secret Summer (YA romance), A Special Connection (New Adult Romance), and Life's What You Make It - Love's Great Adventure Series Book 1 ( Mature YA romance) Love This Life - Loves Great Adventure Series Book 2 (New Adult romance)

1. Where are you from?
             I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Currently I live 45 minutes west of Philadelphia.

2. When you aren't writing what do you like to do with your time?
             I love to read, travel, go to art museums or the theatre.

3. Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
            Yes, I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I lost my job last September that I got the courage to pursue writing full time. I’m so happy and have never looked back!

4. What inspired your book?
            Life’s What You Make It has been around for a long time and has changed drastically from it’s original draft. The book Brideshead Revisited by Eveyln Waugh inspired the character of Sebastian.

5. Are any characters or experiences based off of your life or someone you know?
            Although Sebastian Irons was inspired by a character in a book, there is a real life person who inspired Sebastian’s attitude and mannerisms. There is a little bit of me in both characters of Sebastian and Tess. I love art and architecture like Sebastian. I’m ambitious and hard working like Tess.

6. If your books were made into a movie who would be your dream cast?
            Eddie Redmayne would be Sebastian Irons. Emma Watson would be Tess Hamilton. Dane DeHaan would be Alistair Windsor.  Poppy Delevingne (British Model) would be Penny Stanton. 

7. Which writer, if any, would you consider a mentor?
            I have to go with Evenly Waugh again. He could write wit and heartbreak in equal measure. I also have to tip my hat to J.K. Rowling. She writes so beautifully about friendship, loyality and love. Theses themes are always present in my books.

8. What are you reading right now?
            Hear Me Now by Melyssa Winchester

9. What are your current projects?
            I am currently writing book 3 in the Love’s Great Adventure Series - London Loves

10. What is something you hate doing? Why?
            Driving. People are always in a hurry to get somewhere and they drive recklessly or are distracted by talking or texting. Thankfully, as a writer, I don’t have to drive very much anymore.

11. Do you ever write naked? :) While under the influence?
            I sleep naked, but never write naked. The lap top gets too hot on my legs!  I don’t drink.

12. What is your favorite drink?
            Diet Coke (another trait that makes me like Tess Hamilton)

13. If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?
            Hermione Granger. She’s strong, loyal and smart. Not to mention over the course of seven books you really got to know her. Most writers don’t get the chance to serve up such well rounded three dimensional characters.

14. Tell us something no one knows about you.
            I’ve travelled to Australia seven times. It’s my second home and love the people and landscape.

15. Most embarrassing story?
            I once backed up and fell over a pile of boxes and landed on my butt, in front of a group of people. All I could do was laugh.

16. Biggest pet peeve?
            Negative people. Life is too short. Find something or someone that makes you happy and focus on that. You will be a happier person for it.

17. Any quirky habits?
            I life to sing to the dog. My husband hates that.

18. Ebooks or Paperback?
            Both. Ebooks are much easier if I’m traveling.

19. Do you judge a book by it's cover?
            Yes, a catchy cover makes me want to learn more about the book.

20. Do you listen to music while you write? What is your current favorite?
            I do have a playlist for my books that helps get me into the characters mind. Current favorite - Roxy Music’s Avalon album.

21. Puppies or Kittens?

22. Favorite Food?
            Cheesburger (Tess Hamilton strikes again)

23. Favorite bad habit?
            Picking my cuticles. I have no idea why.

24. Go to Author?
            Evelyn Waugh, J.K. Rowling, Melyssa Winchester. I’m never disappointed in these authors!

Connect with Theresa!!!

Life's What You Make It

“She’s everything I’m not and everything I want to be.” 

Sebastian Iron’s life is spiraling out of control. Over the course of one week, Sebastian witnesses death, runs away with his best friend’s girl, gets kicked out of his English prep school, and is banished to America by his domineering mother to repeat his senior year of high school. 

In America, Sebastian struggles to find self-discipline and a purpose to turn his life around. He meets Tess Hamilton, the only person to show him any kindness in his new school. Little does he know, she is the savior tutor hired by his mother to help him improve his grades. The two slowly begin to build a friendship. 

As their friendship blossoms, Sebastian begins to have romantic feelings for Tess. She claims to only want a platonic relationship, but Sebastian feels the undeniable spark that sizzles between them every time they are together. 

Forces beyond their control will either bring Sebastian and Tess closer together or tear them apart. 

Will Sebastian return to his old habits or find the strength to be the person worthy of Tess’ love?
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4 1/2 AMAZING STARS! So I was intrigued from the blurb alone. Who doesn't want to read about a hot British playboy?! I loved the opposites attract angle and that love can help bring out the best in people. Tess is a strong character. I loved that she had strong determination and that she went for what she wanted. Sebastian is...(cue swoon music). I loved reading his transformation. Their relationship was based first on friendship and I loved how real it all seemed. It flowed beautifully and I can't wait for the next one! This is definitely one I would recommend!
~ Leslie ~

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