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Author Spotlight: A J Walters

Author Spotlight

 A J Walters

An Acute Attraction (Romance/Erotica)


Meet…..Working single mother Isabel Chambers. She’s not a size 12 or as you’ve probably guessed, a virgin either. She’s lived her life, but now feels it is her time to re-discover herself.
…Marc Sanders an attractive, successful Harvard Professor of Medicine visiting Cambridge. He has a secret past that has been well hidden.
An Acute Attraction is a heart warming, exciting and compelling story of love and romance, full of seductive and sensual emotions and images, sexual exploration and passion. Isabel is an ordinary, working, single mother of two, who needs some “me” time, so, kids sorted, she books herself into a hotel for a week of rest and relaxation. Marc is an American professor at Harvard University and is in England to present research results to Cambridge University. Two people, out for adventure and excitement, meet and begin a journey of fun, thrills, lust and desire. But, is Mark all he seems to be? What is he hiding?
(Warning: Has adult and sexual content. 18+ Advised)


I came into this book blind, not knowing much about the author or the storyline, and I believe this enhanced my enjoyment of the book as I had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect. I loved that this book is written by an English author and is set in England. As a reader from the UK and having visited some of the places mentioned I was able to visualize the settings and enjoy them all the more. I also loved the little UKisms that appeared, such as the mention of Stacy Solomon, this was hilarious. Isobel and Marc are wonderful characters. Characters slightly older than I normally read about, but this met they had lived more so their characters had more depth to them. The sexual chemistry between them both was electric but their connection intellectually was also present. I loved the mix of suspense and romance which I hope will develop even further in the next book, which I am greatly looking forward to! I award this book 4 stars ~ Rosie

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A Constant Attraction (Romance/Erotica)


Funny, thrilling, romantic and spellbinding. This sequel to An Acute Attraction, will have you hooked!
When the voluptuous and curvaceous, Isabel Chambers decided to take a child-free week away to Cambridge; never in a million years did she think she would meet the ‘God of a man’, Marc Chambers, Professor of Medicine.
Having been convinced by her best friend, Jackie Dowling to go for it, it was probably the best thing that could have happened…or was it?
Isabel and Marc have dark pasts, for which both are wanting to overcome. However, the jealous and conniving Dr Emelie Acerbi has different ideas and is determined to spoil what connection, relationship and possible future the two have together.
Can Marc and Isabel continue to share the passion and thrills they have for one another? Or will the demons from their pasts and present get the better of them?
Let A Constant Attraction take you on an emotional journey of compassion, anger, laughter, lust and love…


After enjoying Acute Attraction so much I was looking forward to reading Constant Attraction, and I have to say I was certainly not disappointed. In fact, I think ithis book is even better than the first. The storyline picked up immediately where book one finished, and, in my opinion, you must read them in order, to get the best from them. Marc and Isabel have fallen deeper for each other, but Marc's past is beginning to cause them issues. This is what brings the suspense element to the story, and is what elevates the book from a 3 star read to a 5 star read. The characters are so relatable, Isabel isn't a tiny model like woman, she is curvaceous and insecure, like the majority of us women. Marc is super hot, but doesn't strutting around like a pimping peacock, he is humble and gentlemanly. As in book one the English scenery won me over. I really enjoyed this book and award it 5* and am already looking forward to more from this author!!

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Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1FFhCVn
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1zQljqE

An Enrapturing Attraction (Romance/Erotica)


“A hot and suspenseful story of a bad boy who is wanting to make good with a chance meeting between him and one strong, independent woman.
Christian Wilson reformed bad boy is released early from the Boston correctional facility, due to flaws in the original court case. Re-entering the big, wide world is not only a shock to the system, but he also realises he isn’t the man he was. Tough decisions need to be made and temptations to revert back to how he was need to be resisted. It’s not only he who is thinking this, so when his step-father Edward Sanders intervenes, Christian’s life is turned upside down. Being the ‘Black Sheep’ of the Sanders dynasty he has to prove to them and himself, he’s a changed man. Coming second best to his step-brother Marc Sanders, Professor of Medicine, gives him enough determination to want to succeed.
Having moved to the US from the UK, Hannah Marshall has shown and proven what a strong, independent woman she is and she’s not had to rely on any man. However, family comes first and therefore Hannah takes the big decision to return home to Cambridge in England. Accepting a new job in The Met Police and leaving close friends behind, she begins what is a new life not without it’s ups, downs and surprises!
With Christian and Hannah not everything is as black and white as they seem, but when the two meet sparks fly!
Will secrets and lies come between them? Will the temptations in life become too strong? What the future holds for these two passionate and strong willed people, nobody knows.
From Amazon Number One Best Seller A J Walters, let An Enrapturing Attraction take you on an emotion filled journey of scintillating passion and mystery. A contemporary romance not without it’s laughs!”


This book takes us in a different direction character wise that the first two books. Here we meet, and in my case, love, Christian who is Marc's stepbrother the black sheep of the family. However in this book we see him proving time and time again how he is a reformed character. Hannah is one of the strongest women character I have read about - not many women make it where she has in the police. When her and Christian are together we can see the instant connection, the passion. However, lots of things get in there way. I have to say that they are certainly better together. I enjoyed how we met back with Marc and Isabel and saw their lives a little further down the road. 
I am delighted to have connected with this wonderful author and I look forward to more from her in the future. I award this book 5 stars~ Rosie

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Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1A2fzZR
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/1FFhKEo
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1zbJADG

Author Bio

A J Walters is a new contemporary romance author and an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Women’s Fiction. Having interests in history, romance and elements of erotica, she has brought all of these together in her debut publications; The Attraction Series.
Wanting to break the trend of size 12 virgins in books, A J Walters has introduced a new real woman in Isabel Chambers. She’s a size 18-20, working single mother who now feels is it her time to start living her life again. At the ripe young age of 39 (at time of writing 1st book), A J Walters also wanted to show that you can experience everything that a twenty-something would.
“I saw that a 39 year old isn’t quite at retirement age for fun, sex and finding love again. There are so many women out there that can be represented in books as well as the slim, innocent and beautiful types. Don’t get me wrong I love reading books with them in, but there is so many of them around now I felt is was time for something different. I’d like to think I brought my sense of humour across in it as well. I am ditsy, I suffer from ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, but I can also be serious and sentimental. From the feedback I’ve had, apparently it makes for a great writing voice.”
A J Walters has since gone on to publish 2 books in The Attraction Series; An Acute Attraction and A Constant Attraction. There is a 3rd book in the pipeline, which is expected to be published in January 2015. As well as writing this series of books, she has also written a short story for a summer anthology and an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Lust, Love, Dreams and Heartache: A book of romantic and erotic poetry.

Goodreads link:https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7359445.A_J_Walters

Facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/pages/AJ-Walters/200461036789987?ref=bookmarks


Amazon Author Page:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amanda-Walters/e/B00G3DFNZ0/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_3?qid=1403112411&sr=8-3

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