Thursday, March 5, 2015

Release Day: WHEN FALL BREAKS by Julie Solano and Tracy Justice


Julie Solano & Tracy Justice


Kaitlyn Woodley is a beautiful, determined, high school senior, who embraces her small-town roots and country life. She’s studious, musically gifted, and headed for a successful career in swimming. Aside from a catty group of jealous girls, who taunt her mercilessly, Kaitlyn’s dreams are well within her reach. That is, until she becomes tangled up with the handsome Pistol Black, a rodeo cowboy, who not only turns every girl’s head in the county, but also turns her perfect world upside down. 

Kaitlyn’s overprotective twin brother and best friends, begin to see signs that make them question Pistol’s subtle control over her. As secrets are unveiled, they intervene to save her from a possible path of destruction. To their surprise, when best friend Brody steps in to protect her, newly discovered feelings complicate an already volatile situation. Soon, everything begins to change. Old feelings die, new feelings emerge, and the once beautiful path they had traveled over summer, begins to alter with the season. 

Will Kaitlyn’s closest friends be able to pull her from the destructive path she’s been led to follow? As the winds of time blast through their lives, the loyalty toward their best friend will remain stronger than ever. They are determined to protect her, even if one of them ends up getting hurt in the hunt for safety. One thing is for certain, none of this close group of friends will be left untouched when fall breaks.



Sometimes I just have to say a huge thank you for the invention of social media. Without it I am very sure that I wouldn't have been in contact with the amazing two authors who wrote this magnificent debut novel! I loved this book from the very start. The characters were so real and really reminded me of my school days. I thought the introduction to the characters at the beginning of the story really helped to set the scene and tone for the rest of the book!! I'm sure most of us girls can see bits of ourselves in Kaitlyn, her clumsiness, her trust in others and her determination are characteristics I love in a female lead. And oh Brody, he is adorable who wouldn't want to date him or have their daughter date him. He is particularly swoon worthy! The camaraderie between the group including Kaitlyn's twin brother and best friend is the comical side of the story especially the poison plant scenes! However, all is not perfect in their world, thanks to Pistol Kaitlyn's boyfriend. Put it this way he doesn't like being turned down!!!!  In fact he puts their lives at risk more than once. It is the suspense that he brings which elevates this from a good N/A book to an AMAZING N/A book. Julie and Tracy you have done a wonderful job writing this book and I thank you for trusting me to review it. I really am looking forward to building our friendship and reading more in this series. I award this book 5* ~Rosie

Author Bio's

Julie Solano

Julie Solano is a native of Northern California. She is a wife and mother of two. Julie attended college at California State University, Chico. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Child Development. She went on to study education, and currently teaches at a middle school in Northern California. Julie is passionate about her family, faith, and education. In her spare time she enjoys being a swim, cross country, soccer, and baseball mom, spending time outdoors, hiking, rafting, snow skiing, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, reading, and playing the piano. Her first published novel,When Fall Breaks, is a mature young adult novel that she co-wrote to fulfill a "bucket list" item with her dear friend Tracy Justice. It is the first in the series titled the Seasons of Jefferson.

Tracy Justice

Tracy Justice lives in Northern California with her husband and two children. She's a full-time teacher that feels blessed to work with middle school children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, riding horses, running, hiking, swimming, and of course reading. Her first novel, When Fall Breaks, she co-wrote with her best friend. This is the first novel in the Seasons of Jefferson Series. 

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