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Lorraine Britt, Nolan Ritter & Greg Clausen Interview


Author: Lorraine Britt

Cover Models: Nolan Ritter

Greg Clausen 

I Had the greatest pleasure of interviewing these three wonderful professional people live via Skype, sadly the interview didn't record but nevertheless I have some juicy information to share with you!!

Where are you all from?
L -is a fourth generation Native Texan. Lorraine is about to move with her family to Lubbock where she will be able to persue her writing full time! Yippeee
G - has recently moved back home to Dixon, Illinois. to be closer to his family.
N - moved to St. Louis just last week!!! He has just begun a new job - Good luck Nolan!

When & why did you begin writing?
Lorraine has always loved reading and had always wanted to be a sportswriter. She went to Oklahoma University. Life took her on a different path until she went to an Indie Author Event as a reader and thought to herself that she could try this and here she is 8 books later. She says "I won't consider myself a writer until I am doing it full time." Thankfully for us readers that is coming very soon!!!

What inspired your 1st Book?
Lorraine's 1st book is The Cowboy In Me

Mary Elizabeth Matthews is a reclusive novelist with a great appreciation for actor Cody McAllister, so much so that he inspires a character in her newest novel. Unbeknownst to her, Cody’s friend and co-star Jennifer Johnstone is a huge fan of her books and gives the newest one to Cody. She insists he find a way to make it into a movie, saying he’d be perfect for the lead. Cody is instantly lost in the world of this novel , absorbing it in one sitting. He makes it his mission to find the mysterious author and convince her to let him produce a film version, having no idea that the character the is so determined to play was written only for him…or how his mission would change his life…forever.

This book was inspired by Lorraine's love of the Twilight movies. And then, as is Lorraine's style she was inspired by her cover model for the book, Jared Thompson.

What comes first - cover, storyline, model?
Anyone who is familiar with Lorraine's books will know how her books and characters match her storylines so perfectly. Lorraine has an outline in mind when she begins. She then chooses her model and along with her AMAZING photographer Jennifer Tanner, they plan the photo shoot. Often ideas come to Lorraine as the photo shoot is taking place. Lorraine and Nolan tell me that this was how the  cover picture of the book Love Always Finds Its Way happened. When you read this book you will come across this scene and be able to enjoy it all the more because of the visual we can see.

How much of your books is realistic?
All of Lorraine's books are fictional, however she has a style which incorporates aspects of her models lives. In her words she "likes to make the books special for her models." In Lorraine's newest release In Loves Defence the main character Will is an ex professional basketball player who got injured on the court. This is very similar to the life of cover model Greg Clausen.

Who are some of your favourite authors?
L - has a few favourites Diana Gabaldon, Tolkein, JK Rowling, anything Sherlock Holmes and biography's.
N - has just finished school and is looking into how to best manage his finances and how to be the best in business, therefore, he is reading a lot of business books and books relating to getting out of debt and making money. He did say that he loves all of Lorraine's books. (Ahhhh)
G - has recently enjoyed Tuesday's with Morrie & Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. He also enjoys sporting magazines.

What does a day in your life look like?
L - has two young children who she gets off to school before she herself goes to her day job. After work she collects her children does the usual Mom jobs of homework, play and cooking dinner. Lorraine tries to find time in the evening to write. this routine is about to change dramatically as Lorraine has given up her day job in order to write full time.
N - with Nolan's move to St. Louis he has also changed jobs. He was working nightshift in the hospital now he will be working evenings so hopes to get a more normal routine. Nolan will spend 2-3 hrs in the gym each day. However he also enjoys working out outdoors and will do this whenever possible. L -
G - when Greg moved home to Dixon, Illinois it was to work in his family's sporting goods store. He works there 9-5, although he told me that his sister would disagree with those hours!!! He also then spends hours in the gym. He has personal training clients who he works with online so spends the evenings answering emails. Greg tries to get all of his meal prep done on a Sunday. Hands up who would like to have this done for them?!

Greg - how did you move from professional basketball to cover modelling?
Greg played professional basketball for about 7 years, both in the US and Internationally, however in 2007 he ruptured 5 vertebrae's in his lower back and basketball was over for him. Greg told me that in the couple of years following this he put on a lot of weight. Also at this time his father had a heart attack. This made Greg realise that being over weight was dangerous, he then lost over 80lb and got into body building. he is now the first and only  successful 7 foot tall  natural bodybuilder. Lorraine saw Greg's FB page and contacted him about her work and the rest, as we say, is history!

Can you give us some advice on writing and fitness? 
L - don't let pressure dictate what you do and stay true to your own beliefs and values.
N - remember "good things come to good people."
G - You can do it.

I cannot tell you how much fun it was talking to these three wonderful people. I was so nervous beforehand but they put me at ease and had me laughing from start to finish. The main thing I picked up was how dedicated they each are to their own goals and dreams. The inspired me to reach for the stars and to never give up.

I have to give big mention to Lorraine's photographer Jennifer Tanner 
and her Illustrator Ben Moss They are vital members of the team and have an abundance of talent.

Thank you so very much Lorraine Britt, Nolan Ritter and Greg Clausen for giving up you time for us at For The Love Of Books, we  really do appreciate it!
Lorraine Britt has a new book out today called In Loves Defence staring Greg Clausen as the cover model. This book got a 5 star review from me!


Wilson Jasper McLaglen IV inherits three things when he loses his parents…his father’s partnership in the law firm he helped build, the stately Southern home he grew up in and the family’s distillery. To the outside world it seems like he has it all. Except someone to share it with. Elyse Gibbs inherits two things when she loses her parents…a mountain of debt and her little brother. To the first year law school student, both are overwhelming…and it’s a losing battle she is fighting alone. When Wil McLaglen literally knocks her off her feet, it seems he could be the answer to her prayers. Instead she’s too proud, too headstrong, and she pushes him away. Will she let her pride get in the way of her heart? Wil wants to give her a future, to make her dreams come true, to give her a family. Now if she could only realize she truly is his dream, that her dreams are his dreams…if she could only let him make those dreams a reality, for them all.

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