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Bad Land Blog Tour

Title: Bad Land
Series: None
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC
Publication Date: September 30, 2013
Author: Jonathan Yanez
Bad Land
At only twenty-three Marshall Montgomery is the youngest reporter to have ever worked at his newspaper in Los Angeles County...

His life has been his job. But something is about to happen that will force him to confront the painful memory of his sister's death and open him to a world very much apart from his own.

A young girl has been found dead on Wakan Canyon. A place Marshall will find that has a past filled with violence and bloodshed. Hundreds of years ago Native American's fought over the land and even today lives are being taken to protect a secret.

Deep within the canyon there is a secret that has been hidden by generations of the area's inhabitants. There is a secret power that has corrupted every single one of its owners since the beginning of time.

Now, trying to find the truth, Marshall finds himself caught in a web of lies, manipulation, secrecy and even death.

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Review: 4 stars
Let me start off by saying, this book was slow to start for me and I wasn’t sure in the beginning I was going to like it.  The main character, Marshall, had a few things that irritated me about him in the beginning, and it just didn’t grab my attention like I wanted. *Whew*(Ok, glad I got that out of the way.)  But, I persevered and ended up with a book and story plot that kept me guessing and wanting to know what was going to happen next.  The characters are developed in a way where they are very believable and could be people that you know and see on a daily basis.  This book is an inviting supernatural mystery that makes you want to reassess the occurrences that happen in your day to day life and find out if there is a mystery behind them.  I guess I could say it brings out the detective in me who wants to look for hidden clues everywhere.

A county history filled with secrets, ancient rituals, and a power that every man has longed to control since the beginning of time.  Marshall Montgomery begins to discover all of these things when he starts looking into the death of a young girl that he barely knew.  The information he discovers will change his life and Marshall is left to decide what to do.  Will he keep it to himself and walk away, or will he join a war that has been going on for centuries?  The enemy will be people he has know for years, and he has to realize that nothing is as it seems.

If you enjoy a good mystery that is not a stretch to be believable, then this is the book for you.  Go pick up your copy and enjoy!  I know I did, and I can’t wait to see where the author will take us on the next adventure.~Lauren

Jonathan headshot

Jonathan Yanez was born and raised in a Christian household in Oxnard, CA. He was involved in everything from piano and saxophone lessons to swimming and track.

Growing up his parents encouraged him to read, and he did - anything he could get his hands on. Soon he developed a fascination with storytelling and characters that would follow him the rest of his life.

Graduating from BIOLA University with his BA in English Literature he never lost his love for writing and creating. He now works part-time as a personal trainer and hopes to one day make the move to writing full-time.

Other than reading and writing, his passion is living life to the fullest. He loves; spending time with his wife and pets, watching movies, participating in mud runs, traveling, going to the gym and pushing his limits in everything. This desire takes him anywhere from skydiving and motorcycle riding, to surfing in Hawaii and various types of martial arts. He has his eyes set next on archery and running with the bulls in Spain.

He is married to the love of his life and resides in Southern California with his husky, Daphne and cat, Helen.


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