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In this New Adult / College, Coming of Age story Tessa Ross tries to fight her attraction to bad boy Lucas Links. He is hot, arrogant, and has a sexual past that most boys his age could only dream of, (If they even knew they could dream of such things).

Lucas, the star quarterback seems to have it all, super star athletic abilities, expensive clothes, cars, and women who literally stop just to watch him walk by. On the outside he appears to have it all.

Tessa is a young woman who lives her life always doing what is right to make everyone else happy. She tries desperately to hold herself accountable to the demanding expectations of her family and everyone around her.

Is Tessa as innocent as she appears? Is Lucas just a spoiled young man who seems to have what every male and female wants?

If you Love an emotional story that is full of spicy hot goodness. If you Love to follow a story from beginning until the bitter sweet end. If you are often left wondering what happened next... get your tissues and lip balm ready you are in for the read of your life. 

As we all know, you should never judge a book by its cover.


I ended up really liking Blue Love, definitely a solid 4 stars.  At first it was a little hard for me to get into because it was such a different writing style than I was used to. Instead of just one or two people’s point of views, it was written from all of the main characters POVs and switched almost every paragraph. It’s very “high school” with lots of drama and back and forth feelings.  I was hooked though and couldn’t believe with such a long book, their story still isn’t over.  I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2 and see what happens between Tessa and Lucas. This is a great read for young adults. ~Kendra

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MJ Fields

I am a very new self published writer. I will tell you I have always had a very vivid imagination. Starting at age 3 (as it states in my Baby Book).

Sigma was my very first love (imaginary boyfriend). He lived about fifteen miles from my childhood home, (a farm). I took him chicken noodle soup every night on one of our families snowmobiles, (Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring). Apparently he was very ill and "Thank God" I was able to take care of him.

Next was my very first self publishing gig. At eight my cousins and I (and yes I was the president) wrote a newsletter and sold it to our family members. 

Years later I decided to put it back into print to entertain my cousin as she was on an aircraft carrier on 9/11 (Kick ass cousin BTW) and very far away from home during a very scary time for our country, (protecting our butts).

Fast forward to 2012. I read 50 shades and thought, I can do that, (meaning writing). I have two complete series The Love Series, and Wrapped. I have two new series Burning Souls and Men of Steel. Ten books in 13 months. CrAzY and wonderful.

I love love! ( I would love to reference Pinks new song here, however I am not sure if that would cause copyright issues.)I also tend to enjoy watching people grow and change with self realization and moments of clarity that just sneak up behind you and smack you in the head. I love people and have always been able to see both sides of a story. Each person that comes into our life leaves us with something it is what we choose to do with it that helps us grow.

I live in central New York in the middle of nowhere and am surrounded by family and friend most the time. I run a small business out of my home and spend time reading and doing the typical Mommy things. Our house is full of pets and friends and noise ninety percent of the time, and I would have it no other way.
I love people, music, laughter, hugs, and books.


“Hey, hay boy,” Jake yelled to Lucas who stood in a crowd of cheerleaders. “You played awesome.”

Tessa looked down feeling her face turn red as she saw him laugh and smile at her. He walked towards them receiving Jake’s hi five. “Thanks little man. Do you think your sister liked the game?”

“You bet she did. She smiled a lot more today than usual,” her eyes widened as she continued looking at the ground.

Alex came up smiling and Tessa finally forced herself to speak, “Great game, you guys played well together.”

Alex smiled, “We did,” he patted Lucas’s shoulder.

“What’s this ‘hay boy’ shit Lucas?” Sadi yelled from behind Tessa as she shoved her causing her to fall into Lucas.

Lucas caught her, “Back off Sadi. I told you two weeks ago that we’re done.” He looked down at Tessa who was still in his arms, “You okay?”

Her eyes narrowed, “I’m fine,” she turned around and looked at Sadi, “You need to watch your mouth in front of kids, especially these ones.”

“Kiss my ass, farm girl,” retorted Sadi, and she reached out to shove her again.

Lucas caught her hand, “Back off Sadi,” and slowly released it.

“You boys enjoying the homegrown Prosti-tots now?” Sadi hissed.

Alex grabbed the kid’s hands and took Tessa’s arm she pulled it away.

 “I will catch up in a minute,” she said to him through her teeth.

Alex smiled at her and walked away knowing she would be just fine on her own.

“Now that the kids are gone, Barbie gone badly, I'm only going to tell you this once. If you ever put your hands on me again I will kick your ass all over MY town,” Tessa growled and looked at Lucas, “You done with this trash now?” He chuckled and shook his head yes. “Alright then.”

“Your threats don’t scare me, bitch,” Sadi yelled.

Tessa smiled at her and walked into Lucas. She looked at him, and he could sense she was nervous.

 “I’m going to kiss you,” she whispered.

“And I’m going to enjoy it,” he whispered back.

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