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Author Interview: CAITLIN KERRY

Author Interview


Tell me your story June....

June thought she had it all. She soon found out how wrong she was. Her dreams of finding the good life were washed away when she was dumped on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Now back in Boise as an overeducated server, she doesn't even know where to begin on fixing her life. 

But one thing June does know is the new guy at work is one to stay away from. Reece Day catches June's attention, even if she doesn’t want it. Reece has the uncanny ability to always get in the last word, to get under June’s skin, making her question what she really wants in life. 

June quickly realizes that for the first time in her life, she finally has the chance to find herself. 

*Finding June is recommended for ages 17+ due to adult matters*(l


Finding June is the perfect title for a perfect book! June is lost and at a crossroads in her life, often how we feel after graduating college. She thought she had her life planned but things happen to show that this is not the case. That is until she meets the delectable Reece ( who is now my new book boyfriend!). Reece gets under June's skin and begins to break down her walls. The author Caitlin Kerry knows just how fast to make this happen in order to make the storyline believable and realistic. Reece shows June how to do what is right for herself without worrying about how this effects others. June is brave and takes a chance hoping that Reece will support her no matter what. This all takes place  amongst family sagas, burning buildings, puppy buying and having fun with friends. I really loved this book the strength of Reece and the believability of June. I loved how the friends were part of the story but Caitlin Kerry let June and Reece play the staring roles. Thank you for an amazing book, I look forward to the next one!!! I award this book 5stars.


I had the amazing opportunity to interview author Caitlin Kerry after I had read her book. This is my first ever author interview so I hope you enjoy it, thanks Caitlin for being so open and I hope one day you get to Ireland, and maybe we could meet..

1.       Where are you from?
I’m currently living in central Idaho but that will soon be changing. I’m living a bit of a gypsy life as I transition from college to hopefully permanent employment. 

2.       What do you do when you’re not writing?
 I just finished my masters degree and looking for a job. In my free time I love to hike, kayak, discover new music and try to find hot springs in Idaho’s wild lands  

3.       Where do the ideas for your books come from?
Finding June came from wanting something different from New Adult and then a lot came from personal experiences. Other books I’m working on comes from really anywhere. I think other authors agree when you say you see something and then suddenly you are creating this whole story in your mind. 

4.       What book are you reading now?
 I just finished More Than Forever by Jay McLean, her More Than series is amazing! I am also eagerly waiting for The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness to come in the mail before I devour that book! 

5.       What was the hardest part in writing?
 When you can’t write. I find that once I get in the groove, it’s great, but it can be hard at times to find time to write or to get more than five hundred words in. And the other hard part? Not giving up. With so many books out there by fab authors, its easy to wonder if anyone will actually like or read your book. 

6.       What was your favorite part of writing?
 Finding that moment when you story starts to come together and its more than just words or ideas, but a flow of text that doesn’t suck. That’s pretty awesome. 

7.       What are your current projects?
 I’m currently working on the second book of the Tell Me series. The first being Finding June and the second book is called Being Jolene and follows June’s best friend Jolene. 

8.      Can you share a little of your current work with us? Sure! This is unedited and subject to change but here is a sneak peek of Being Jolene. 

I crept down the hallway, trying to not make any noise so it would be a surprise. I turned the corner saying in the sexiest voice I could muster, “Hey, you’re back early. Ready for round three?”
 Or was it four?
Things were a little hazy from last night.
I looked up as I came into view of the kitchen and as I did, I felt my world tilt. My mouth dropped open and my eyes grew wide. Because standing in front of me was not Caleb. No, standing in front of me was a lumberjack. A tall sexy lumberjack even wearing red and black flannel. I bet a hundred bucks behind the counter was his ax. The tall man had his hand with a spoon full of cereal halfway to his mouth when I saw him in the kitchen. He slowly took the spoon and put it in his mouth, his eyes never leaving mine. Holy fuck. And here I stood in a tank top and boxers.

9.       Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
 Thank you for supporting me on this crazy adventure and taking a chance on my books! I love readers who are always on the lookout for new authors and unknown reads  

~~**OK………….. Now that all the serious questions are out of the way, let’s have some fun**~~

10.   What is your most embarrassing moment?
There are a lot of them. I was a clumsy kid. I got to the point where I just started to own up to my embarrassing moments  Most of them involve....JK I think my mom might be reading this, no need to get into all my fun stories. 

11.    What is one of the things you would put on your “bucket list”?
 I really really want to travel to Ireland. Like live there and write a book in a sleepy bed and breakfast….wow and if I had a handsome Irish man I would then have a Nora Roberts romance novel. Hah! 

12.    If you could be any flavor of ice cream what flavor would you be and why?
 Cotton Candy. I love all things cotton candy related. 

13.    What is one thing that annoys you the most?
The wind. I despise the wind. 

14.    What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
 Pickled Watermelon. It was gross. 

15.    Are you a morning or night person?
Night! I find myself staying up late to read or write. I can be a morning person if I have to be. 

16.    What’s your favorite movie?
I loved the 90s teenage flicks like Cruel Intentions, 10 Things I Hate About You, A Walk to Remember, Night at the Roxbury, She’s All That. 

17.    Where is the worst place you could get stuck?
Ha! The first thing that popped in my head was not appropriate so I guess I’m going to say Walmart at Christmas Time. 

18.   Where would you go if you were invisible?
Hogwarts. Definitely Hogwarts.  

19.    What is the one thing you own you wish you didn’t?
Nothing really. 

20.   If you were stranded on a tropical island what 2 things would you want with you?
 Zac Efron and my kindle.  

21.    If you could choose your nickname, what would it be?
I don’t really do the whole nickname thing. A few people call me Cait but that’s about it. I wouldn’t mind having “bestseller” attached to my name in some way though. 

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