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Blog Tour: Shy of Tomorrow by S.H. Pratt

Shy of Tomorrow

by S.H. Pratt
Release date: July 15, 2014


Circumspect… Reserved… Shy…

To call Kylee Anne Davidovich any of those would be an understatement. Bookish and quiet, the librarian was content to remain that way. Bullied and tormented by vain and jealous sisters; misused and abused by the opposite sex, Kylee had found a warm haven in her job and her books. Supported by her best friend, Marin, and surrounded by the books she loved, Kylee didn’t need more… Until Mr. Hunk.

Jeremy Campbell knew the devious side to women, knew how they hunted and trapped the men they preyed on. Hiding scars from the woman who still haunted him, the semi-retired computer analyst, studiously avoided serious relationships and the most dangerous trap of all… love.

From the moment Jeremy saw Kylee working at the Timberland library, he knew she was different. Roaming the shelves of romance books where he could watch the beautiful librarian, Jeremy tried to find a way into Kylee’s world.

Unsure of Jeremy’s intentions and unwilling to allow herself to be used again, Kylee struggled against her desire to believe that he was really interested in her. After learning the true depth of her sisters’ pettiness, Kylee takes a chance with Jeremy, but in a moment of unguarded honesty, her faith in him is pushed to the breaking point.

Heartsick and broken, Kylee works to overcome her shattered dreams with Marin faithfully at her side. Horrified and tormented by his past, Jeremy breaks the one promise that he swore to Kylee. Can Jeremy put his ghosts to rest before he loses Kylee forever or will he always be one moment shy of tomorrow?

Teasers & Excerpts

“Why don’t you ever look up?”

The voice was low and deep and it washed over Kylee like a warm wave of melted chocolate. She gasped and slowly raised her eyes to meet his eyes, noticing as she did that those eyes were beautiful; a captivating color somewhere between blue and grey that made her think of the way the sky fell to the sea in a heavy storm. Kylee stood frozen, her mind blank, her fingers unsure of what their purpose was.

“I know you have a voice, I’ve heard it, but never with me,” he spoke again and Kylee felt the heat rise higher in her cheeks. She opened her mouth to give some witty comeback, but her mind remained utterly and
completely blank and useless. Kylee knew her eyes must have been the size of dinner plates and breathing was hit or miss at this point, making her feel light headed.

“Have I offended you?” Mr. Hunk asked. Kylee snapped her mouth shut since her brain couldn’t see fit to give it words and shook her head. Somehow, Kylee’s hands remembered that they were supposed to be scanning books and resumed the task by rote, her eyes never leaving the stormy depths of his stunning eyes.

“Are you afraid of me?” At this question, Kylee closed her eyes and lowered her head as tears threatened to overcome her. He was so gorgeous and he was talking to her and there were so many things she wanted to say, but none of those things occurred to her and now he thought she was afraid of him. Oh, how she hated being shy!

“Are you?” he asked again. Kylee swallowed hard, blinking back the tears as she finished scanning the last book and placed them in the bag he’d put on the counter. Slowly, tremulously, Kylee raised her head and shook it again. To her amazement, a slow smile blossomed on his handsome, chiseled face and Kylee thought for sure that her heart was going to cease beating entirely. What she’d thought was stunning before had morphed into the epitome of perfection as he showed her straight, white teeth and two deeper than the Grand Canyon dimples.

“So if you aren’t offended or afraid, may I assume that you are shy?” Mr. Hunk surmised. Kylee wanted to die, with his fabulous dimples burned into her brain, right then and there at the accuracy of his conclusion. Her mouth began trying to make words again, but as before, her mind refused to give any and he chuckled softly.

“You’re cute. Thank you for the books… until tomorrow.”

“You never answered my question,” he whispered a mere inch from her. 

“Question?” she breathed, still trying to form coherent thoughts.

“Would you like to be us with me?”

“Oh, yes…” she sighed, her answer unguarded and honest as her wits were still thoroughly scattered. The full on, over-the-top, grab your heart
and never let go smile that made his dimples deeper than she’d ever seen took Kylee’s breath and destroyed every bit of the progress she’d made in collecting her wits. Before she could stop herself, the words that she’d thought for so long spilled from her mouth, “Oh God, you’re gorgeous.”

“And you said you’d be my girl,” Jeremy whispered happily before claiming her mouth again possessively.

Kylee wasn’t sure what she had for dinner. She had the vague impression that it was tasty… although, nothing tasted quite as heavenly as Jeremy. She wasn’t sure how she’d made it through without exploding with happiness. In the moments after his second kiss, Kylee had decided that he’d probably be gone as soon as someone who looked like her sisters crossed his path, but she had him now and she was going to enjoy it while she could.

They didn’t discuss the Veela again, but became engrossed in discussing books: which were favorites; which were just okay; which they wanted to read but hadn’t yet; comparing notes and voicing opinions. Kylee was more herself than usual as the subject of books was her absolute favorite and made her forget that she was shy. Every so often, Jeremy would lean over and kiss her, thoroughly scrambling her brains again.

At the end of the meal, they left the restaurant and he helped her back into his little black Nissan 370z. He got in and smiled widely at her. Between the dark, stormy, heaven-help-her eyes and the deep as the ocean dimples that just oozed sexy, Kylee was utterly lost… caught in his magic spell as thoroughly as a fly in a spider’s web.

“How to get the beautiful Kylee to talk… kiss her and talk books… two of my favorite things,” Jeremy murmured happily before kissing Kylee again. Kylee was so absolutely and totally enchanted by the magic of Jeremy that she couldn’t stop the small moan of pleasure that escaped her as his hand became entangled in her hair and he deepened the kiss. When he finally released her, he whispered against her cheek, “Yep, two of my favorite things.”

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