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Echoes from the Lost Ones Blog Tour

Title: Echoes from the Lost Ones
Author: Nicola J. McDonagh 
Genre: YA Dystopian

I’m not like the other girlygigs in Cityplace; I’m a bringer. I can sing to the only animals left in NotsoGreatBritAlbion and make them land. Adara, catcher of birds -that’s what they call me and that’s what I can do.

Now that the Agros have cut supplies and folk are near starved, I’d best keep shutums about my name though, or everyone will want a piece of me. I’d best creep and peep all stealthy-like to track down my bro-bro, snatched by Agro scum for who knows what.

Good job I’m trained in  S.A.N.T. ways too, for I’ll need all my roughhouse skills to keep the Agro spies, Nearly’s and wolfies at bay until I find and bring home my bro and all the other missing Meeks.

I just wish I knew who or what is following my every move.

In this unsettling and mysterious vision of the future, animals are almost extinct and humans are subjugated by the sinister and secretive Agros; nothing is as it seems. And 17-year-old Adara must use all her courage and power battling against evil forces to save herself and those she loves.

This is a coming of age tale with a difference. The inventive slang-derived language creates a fresh and dynamic style to create a truly compelling world inhabited by characters such as Clonies, Nearlymen, and S.A.N.T.S.

4 1/2 UNIQUE DYSTOPIAN STARS! I am a sucker for a good YA dystopian and with so many coming out sometimes it is hard to find one that is different and unique. Well Nicola achieved this and more! At first I was put off and confused by the slang writing and felt as though I had missed something. But as I continued and delved further into this fictional world I came to enjoy and appreciate the writing style. I felt it greatly contributed to the setting and characters and I felt as though I was almost an extension of the book. Adara was a strong headed independent heroine. Her cohorts Wirt, Eadgard, Marcellus, and Sister Gabriel were also great characters. This is a great read of trust and faith and I really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book that is different than your normal read and might challenge you a bit I think you will enjoy this! ~ Leslie

Armed with an Hons. Degree in drama & English literature and a creative writing diploma, Nicola J. McDonagh came to writing prose via playwriting. She chose novels as her most recent creative medium because they allow her the freedom to develop character, story, subject matter and interesting use of language.
“For me a good story has to be character driven.” Nicola reveals action and plot through how her characters react to situations, and not the other way around. Her writing routine involves sitting down in her comfy, well-loved armchair and completing at least one chapter every afternoon.
Born in Liverpool, Nicola currently resides in a 17th century cottage in mid Suffolk, UK, with her husband and rescue/feral cats. Currently, she’s penning the third novel in her Song of Forgetfulness series.

Twitter: @McDonaghNikki



Chapter Twelve: A Strange Encounter in the Beyondness
The grumbling, rumbling noise grew louder and I smelled a pungent wetness waft across my face. The darkness seemed to thicken around us and I saw red dots appear here and there. They winked and burned and I knew they were the soulless eyes of the Cloniewolves that Eadgard had described. A dagger like voice slashed into our ears.
“Heel! Heel, you rawbone jackals. Heel!”
A whip crack sound echoed round us and the burning flecks disappeared. I felt both Wirt’s and Eadgard’s hands relax in mine. A different smell spiralled up towards my nasal passages. A sweet and sickly aroma like something gone rotten.

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