Friday, December 20, 2013

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First thing, before you even start page one of “What’s Left of Me”, by Amanda Maxlyn, have an entire box of tissues right next to you…cause I’m am just wrecked right now.  This one…oh, this one, this one’s gonna get ya, rip right into your heart and play havoc with your emotions.  This is soul wrenching journey Aundrea’s of her battle with cancer.   

Aundrea has been fighting for the last four years and just wants to find moments where she’s not being asked, “how are you feeling” and receiving looks of pity she just wants someone to see past the illness to the woman she is inside.  One night, as Aundrea is out with her best friend, she meets Parker, and through this new relationship, she finds so many of the things she’s been secretly yearning for.  Aundrea goes through most of the book not telling Parker about her cancer, which, actually, I don’t blame her for; it gave an opportunity for the relationship to really develop between the two of them without Aundrea’s illness becoming a factor…which she had already beaten once and had every expectation to beat again with her current treatments. 

The overwhelming details that Amanda Maxlyn weaved into “What’s Left of Me” is truly amazing, I really had no idea of the absolute ravishment of physical, emotional and mental toll cancer inflicts upon not only the individual but everyone connected to them; every battle won and celebrated with the knowledge that it may be fought again if the cancer returns at some distant unknown date in the future.  It is a credit to Amanda’s talent that she was able to convey these very real emotions with Aundrea’s story. 
4.5 Stars! ~ Kathy

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