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Featured Author Alyson Raynes

1. At what age did you decide you wanted to be a writer?
I have wanted to be a writer since I was in the 3rd grade. I actually published my first book when I was 9 and it was placed in the school library for everyone to enjoy. The title was "Super Catdog" and I did all of the illustrations for it as well. I didn't realize that I wanted to write suspense, romance thrillers until I was in high school. I have several notebooks, in which I wrote down my ideas. I look back at some of them and laugh, wondering what I was thinking.
2. What inspired you to write your first book?
I had been tossing the idea of writing a book for many years, but never had the chance because I had 2 young children that demanded all of my attention at the time. I have a child with special needs and his care came first, along with a very hyperactive toddler. There were days I thought I would pull my hair out, quite literally. ~Laughs~

My children are adults now, and after leaving my accounting job in 2012, I decided it was time to pursue my dream. I drew my inspiration from pieces of my own life and people that I know around me. So I sat at my dining room table and wrote 4 stories before I dreamed up the Fixer Series. Then it all began to flow and come together.
3. What is your favorite genre to read?
I really enjoy reading New Adult Romance.
4. When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your free time?
When I'm not writing, I love spending time with my family. Mostly though, I quilt. I am a big quilter and I find it to be quite relaxing. I have sold a couple of my quilts, but I usually only make them for family and friends. However, since I've started writing, I've had to put the quilting on the back burner for a bit. I miss it.
5. Who would be your top 3 favorite authors?
Oh my goodness! There are so many, but my top 3 would have to be:
1. Sylvia Day
2. S Walden
3. M.J Fields
6. What book are you reading now? If none, what was the last book you read?
I am currently writing my 3rd book in The Fixer Series, so I'm not reading. The last book I read was Better by S. Walden and I really enjoyed it.
7. Are any characters or experiences in your book based off of your life or someone you know?
Yes. My main male character, Dylan is based off of a real friend that I met while working in the corporate world. There are also parts of Brooke that are very much me, for instance, her shyness. I am very shy until you get to know me, and then watch out world! All hell breaks loose!
8. What was the best-all-time-ever, Christmas present you ever got as a kid?
My vanity! I was 6 years old and Santa had brought me a little, yellow vanity with daisy flower stickers on it. Inside, it was full of ribbons and barrettes for my hair, along with flavored lip gloss, nail polish and a brush. I was living the high life back then. LOL! Best Christmas Present EVER!!!
9. Scary, Action, Comedy or Romance for movie night choice?
Comedy! I'm a bit of a comedian myself. I love to make others laugh and in return, I myself love to laugh. I think I've seen every Will Ferrell movie out there, and that guy makes me laugh.
10. If you could have any super power, what would it be? And why...?
I would wish to have the power to heal. Because I know so many people who suffer daily, whether it be from depression, cancer or a disability, and it's hard for me to see people in pain. Especially people I love. I would heal everyone if I could.
Is there anything else you'd like to your readers and fans to know about you?
I'm a very fun person and I laugh a lot. I am also a perfectionist and that sometimes drives me crazy. I am also a little ADHD if you couldn't tell by my responses in this interview. I am all over the place, so I have to make sure that I organize myself and force myself to sit and stay focused. I love people and I love interacting with my readers and fans.

Ok, before I get into it too deep…just a little tip, get some ice, a fan or even a coldpack cause “Deception” by Alyson Raynes has got some serious heat.  Thank goodness there was a cold front that dropped the temps at my house while I was reading the adventures of Brooke and Dylan, cause I lost count how many times I just had to stand outside in the icy breeze for a few minutes to cool off.  Now, as much as I like steam, to keep my attention, I gotta have some substance too, something a little more than just hot air; and admittedly, “Deception” does have a bit of a slow start, but after a few pages in, I just couldn’t put it down!
The more I read about the character Brooke Stone, the more I just really loved her, her honesty, integrity and just innate sense of right and wrong really resonated with me.  Brooke also seems to want to believe the best in people, which, granted may be a little na├»ve on her part, but because it’ just so lacking in today’s society that it’s so refreshing whenever you see a genuine example of it.  Brooke’s loyalty to her boyfriend of 11 years, is also a notable character trait, unfortunately, her boyfriend doesn’t share that same sense of loyalty. 
And then there’s Dylan Prescott, gorgeous, sexy as hell, wickedly wicked…Dylan.  Dylan is Brookes co-worker, and as she later discovers, kinda her boss too.  Dylan is a wonderful co-worker and friend, but as he and Brooke work closely together over the course of a year, he discovers that he wants more than just a friendship with Brooke.  Soon Dylan becomes Brookes support and protector in a dangerous situation with her ex-boyfriend and will do everything within his power to keep her safe.
I just have to say that I was blown away by how engrossed I became in Alyson Raynes’s “Deception”, which is the first book in her Fixer Series.  The book worked out to being about 86 pages on my e-reader, but it just reads like such a longer story.  It truly speaks to Alyson’s talent that she could cram so much action, suspense and emotion into that amount of pages… I am still shaking my head in sheer amazement.  I am so getting Alyson’s next book in her Fixer Series, because now she’s just know got me hooked!
4.5 Sizzling Stars ~Kathy

 Promiscuous Book#2 in the Fixer Series Available

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