Friday, March 28, 2014

Feature Author: Megan Squires

I remember my first real endeavor as a writer. I was in the sixth grade and it was a short story about the brief life of a raindrop. The only thing was, the reader didn’t discover that they were actually following the descent of a drop of rain until the final words in the feature. I loved that little shock factor and the way it was received by my audience. I won some contest and our local newspaper displayed my image and story in the paper for all to see. But it was the first time I really understood the power of words. I loved that I could truly create something out of nothing. And I knew I wanted more of that feeling.

Fast-forward nearly twenty years. I still have that newsprint with my very first story, and it still inspires me to continue my craft. But now, instead of the lure of a first place ribbon, my drive to write stems from my inability to keep these thoughts in my head any longer. The characters, their experiences, and their emotions need to be told, and I realize that I’m the only one who can do that for them. I’m the only one who can tell their story. And I love to tell stories in other forms, too. For me, photographing a life is just as natural as writing about one, and I’m blessed to be able to do both. I specialize in documenting these milestones, from newborn babies to high school seniors, and my work can be found at When I’m not writing or photographing, you can find me in the car with a large McDonald’s Diet Coke, running all over town to pick up, drop off, and chauffeur my two kids, Abby and Jacob. I’m a night owl, a Jesus follower, a terrible chef, an anything-pumpkin lover, a native Californian, a laundry hater, and possibly even a slight hoarder (my husband would tell you that possibility is more than slight.)

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