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Title: The White Door

Author: Christly Sloat

Series: The Visitor’s Series, #3

Genre: YA Paranormal

Audience:  14 years and up

Formats: e-book and Paperback

Publisher: Anchor Group

Cover By: KC Designs

Editor: MAI Editing





Date Published or future date: 3 March, 2014


The haunting third book in the Best Selling Visitors Series.

“When I first moved here I was still a girl who cherished the normality of teen life. Now, after being here a year I had come to love a boy who was both strong and courageous. I made real friendships that would last even after death. The selfish girl my grandmother warned me of becoming had vanished. A girl who stood tall, with the powers to see the dead and help those in need, appeared in her place.”

In Brylee’s world, nothing is normal. She sees and speaks with the dead and, at seventeen years old, she already has a full plate. She’s in her senior year of high school and college is just around the corner, but only if she learns to control her gifts and survive in the land of the living.

She has succeeded in ridding her boyfriend, Ephraim, from the Brown family curse, but, in the end, her best friend loses her life. Now a whole slew of new problems present itself and, like always, Brylee is tempted to run for the hills. With Ephraim at her side, she must come to grips with the reality that she is not an average girl and she never will be.

What will happen when the town turns on her? Or, better yet, when a body is unearthed in her backyard? The choices that Brylee must make will determine whether she has a future or nothing at all.


“Branson!” Miss Hailey shouted at me from the front of the room while tapping her black ballet flats harshly against the floor. I hadn’t listened to a thing she had said, of course, so I just smiled at her.

“Yes Miss?” I said in the sweetest, most innocent voice.

“Why are you in my class if you’re not going to pay attention?”

Whoa! Ephraim was totally right about her being strict. “I love this class Miss. I was just worried about the storm is all. I have never experienced anything like this before,” I lied.

“Well,” she sighed. “I will forgive that. No one likes hurricanes, but they don’t stop the learning process.”

“Unless the hurricane kills you.” I looked up to see Kayla sitting on top of the teacher’s desk. I fought back the urge to laugh when she walked towards me. I sure hoped she wouldn’t mess with me now. She sat in the empty seat next to me and tapped her fingers on the desk.

“I always hated her, did you know that?”

I shook my head. How did she expect me to communicate with her in public?

“I’m here to talk to you about something important. Can you give me five minutes?”

I raised my hand to excuse myself to the bathroom and Miss Hailey obliged. I sped walked to the girl’s room as Kayla skipped behind me. I pushed open a stall and threw my hands up in the air. “What the heck Kayla? Here, at school?”

She laughed.

“Seriously? I know something’s up, but why not wait until after school?”

She leaned against the stall and sighed. “I told you things are weird with me lately. I don’t know what’s happening but I can feel a change coming. I… I…” Her mad rush to speak was suddenly interrupted by a choking sound coming from her mouth.

“Kayla!” I rushed to her and my hands went through her body. She wasn’t solid like normal. Something was wrong! Kayla had always felt like flesh and blood to me. Never like a ghost.

Suddenly her mouth opened and water poured out onto my feet, splashing my shoes and legs. I still tried but failed to help her. She was choking on water and, if I wasn’t mistaken, she was drowning. I was helpless and didn’t know what to do. Then before I could come up with an answer she uttered one word, “Diary.”

“Diary? Okay, where?” Any clue besides diary would have been perfect, but I was helpless now because she suddenly vanished.


Fast paced YA paranormal ghost story with well-developed characters and dramatic plot.  Brylee is a senior in high school and also a medium… or “dead talker” as described in the book.  I liked the fact that even at a young age… Brylee comes off very mature and seems to take much in stride, especially considering the fact that she can see and speak with spirits.  Brylee also has a lot of support from her boyfriend, Ephraim, and her two ghost besties… Kayla and Lynley; her parents do seem a tad flakey though.  Brylee also has the unfortunate duty of keeping “dark witch”, Evangeline, from reclaiming her powers that are currently sealed in a room in Brylee’s house.

All-in-all, I liked this book… it has a well-rounded plot and characters that connect with the reader.  Christy Sloat has done a great job with creating a story that’s both suspenseful and well-paced.

3.5 Stars  ~Kathy


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Christy Sloat is a SoCal born girl who resides in New Jersey currently with her husband, two daughters and Sophie her Chihuahua. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her grandmother’s loving support. Christy passes that love of reading, writing, and creativity to her daughters, family, and friends. When you do not find Christy within the pages of a book you can find her being mommy, wife, crafter, and dear friend. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. Be sure to venture into her Past Lives Series, The Visitor’s Series, and watch for many more exciting things to come



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