Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Tour: Her Highlanders Hero


Lady Isobel is a Norman laird's daughter, living near the Scots border where her father, Lord Pembroke, is trying to keep the peace. But her mother was a Highlander and the man Isobel loves most of all is Laird Marcus McEwan, who has been bringing news of her mother's people for years. But now Isobel's father wishes her wed to an English nobleman, who will carry on his title. Isobel will wed no other man but her heart's desire—and that is one braw Highlander from her mother's homeland.

Laird Marcus McEwan has loved the feisty lass forever. For years, Marcus has tried to convince Lord Pembroke to allow him to wed his daughter. But the Norman lord will not allow it. Then ambushes and murders make it too dangerous for Marcus to reach a peaceful resolution.

Nothing goes as planned and keeping the lass for his own is fraught with danger, as they try to determine who was behind the killings. Isobel and Marcus will do everything in their power to ensure they are together as they have always vowed they would be


3.5 stars. Her Highlander Hero was a good book I did not read the other books in the series and though they say they can be read as standalone I think maybe I would have been able to understand the book better. This book had romance, danger and some twist and turns but something was missing. Though I enjoyed the book these characters did not draw me in fully.I loved Lady Isobel and her strong mind she loved who she loved and was determined to marry only him even though her father had other plans in mind. I enjoyed watching the love between Marcus and Isobel how through everything they go through they stick together and work it out and end up together. I would probably read another book of terry's in the future.


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