Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Jaded Ruin by A.G. Chambers

Jade's team thought that the destruction of the Intel cult DINM and its leader - Jade's father - would solve their problems and make them untouchable. It didn't.
After discovering that the government were funding medical research for a serum that would rip a doppelganger and its human half apart, a process that would kill them, Jade and her team had decided to act.

Then the bomb had exploded and their base - their home - had been ripped away from them, with Adrian still inside.

With no place to hide the team must evade capture from everyone who's after the bounty on their heads whilst still managing to save a school full of children from becoming lab rats for the serum.

They need help and Jade knows it. But deciding who to trust is becoming more and more difficult with every turn. A gambit with the wrong person might just cost them the lives of the entire doppelganger population.



4 1/2 SHE DID IT AGAIN STARS! This book picks up where the other ones left off and I would definitely recommend starting from the beginning, especially because these books are amazing and you shouldn't miss even one of them. I loved coming back to my favorite characters. This book continued with the suspense you came to expect and love in the first two. I loved diving into this creative world that Chambers created. There is the perfect amount of explanation and descriptions that you don't feel lost. There is a cliffhanger so be warned :) Can't wait for the next one!
~ Leslie ~

Split between UK and New Zealand, A G Chambers has always had a passion for reading & writing with her first short story at eight years old, 'Chocoblock' and poem 'Seasons'.

From there she was nominated in the top ten novelists at twelve years of age for her short story memoir, which featured a doughnut eating horse and has since gone on to publish her first novel, Jaded Rein, at eighteen.

Funnily enough, she almost failed her second year of English and spent a considerable amount of time debating whether or not she wanted to be a chemist before taking a publishing assistant job for The University of Law in London.

As well as her full time job and writing the Jaded Series, A G Chambers was a feature film writer for Lotus Magma 'Off the Cuff' magazine and has received two Editor's Choice Awards for her work as well as an Honours Diploma in Media Law & a Distinction Diploma in Sub-editing and Design from The London School of Journalism

She has recently released the sequel to Jaded Rein, Jaded Youth and is working on the third and fourth books in the Jaded series

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