Thursday, August 28, 2014

Release Day: STEPPING OUT (A Moving Forward Short) by Emily R Pearson

Stepping Out: A Moving Forward Short(Moving Forward #2.5)


James Carter has been Ava Monroe's nightmare. He's taken everything from her. We've seen the destruction he leaves in his wake, but we haven't seen what created his darkness.

Stepping Out tells James' story leading up to that fateful night he met Ava. Was he always a twisted soul? Or did compassion and love run through his veins once upon a time?


 (This book must be read in conjunction  with the others in the series)

Hmmmm, I'm now in a state of mixed emotions. Before reading this book James was probably the character I disliked the most in any book I've read, a skill author Emily R Pearson should be praised for. However now my feelings towards him have been shaken up - thanks Emily, you have certainly shown me that he has some redeeming features (not many may I say) and I can now sorta see a reason behind his actions. This book has been perfectly written to keep my intrigue high and my love for this series strong.
I truly cannot sing the praises of this series of this amazing author enough. If you buy one book this week make it this one. Thanks Emily for throwing my emotions towards James all over. I happily award this book 5 stars ~ Rosie


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