Monday, September 16, 2013

Crossroads Blog Tour

My heart starts to race at the sound of his voice over the loud speaker.  Immediately I seek out the location of the booth and spot him as he walks out of it.  He looks good.  I can’t believe he’s here.  I know my eyes are bugging out of my head but I can’t stop staring.  Not only is Nick the DJ tonight but there he is, in my direct line of sight with his arms around a girl.  And she’s very attractively smiling up at him.
“I’m sorry Em!” Kat yells in my ear.  “I swear he was not the DJ listed to play, you saw the posters outside the club too.”
I swipe at my eyes as angry tears form in them.  She’s right, we had both checked.  There must have been a cancellation or something, it’s the only explanation.  I stand still as a statue as I watch Nick put his arm around the girl’s shoulder and they head for the exit.
“Em.”  Kat’s pulling on my arm.  “Please look at me.”
When I can no longer see Nick, I turn to face her.  The look on her face is a mixture of pity and pleading.
“Who’s for another drink?” I ask with false cheer.  I don’t wait for a reply from either of the girls as I hastily make my way to the bar.  I shove my way to the front, not caring about the toes I’m stepping on or the rudeness of my approach.  I don’t care that I am cutting in line.  I yell out my order for a shot of tequila.  Before I’ve even paid, I have drunk it and ordered another.  Kat spins me back to face her.
“I’m sorry Em.  I swear I didn’t know.”
I turn away from her.  I feel the hot tears about to overflow from my eyes as I hand over my money to the bartender and swallow my second shot.  I look Kat square in the eyes.

“I want to go home.”

Go check out this AMAZING book trailer for Crossroads 
If you haven't read Finding My Way here is the book trailer for that one :)

Review: So I LOVED this book and those of you that were left torn after the first book ended will too! For those of you haven't read the first go get it now and start reading! Nick is handsome, funny, and the typical bad boy that we all are attracted to. Yet he also has a heart of gold and is head over heels for Emma. Emma is completely relatable and I think we can all see a little bit of ourselves in her! I would absolutely recommend this book to everyone! There is an honest friendship, sweet romantic story, and HOT and I repeat HOT scenes.

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I am a New Adult/Romance author.  I am a married mother of three that lives in a small town in country New South Wales, Australia.  I am a bookaholic and if I am not found tapping away at the laptop, you will find me hiding from the kids with my kindle in hand. My other passion is music.  I love everything from indie alternative to hard rock, pop to retro, and I love to play it LOUD! 

My first self-published novel Finding My Way was released in June.  It is the first in a trilogy.  It is a tale of love and friendship and finding your path in life.  The second book, Crossroads, is to be released on September 13.  I am currently 'finding my way' around this whole new world of self-publishing and self-promoting... it has definitely been an eye-opener so far!  I hope to have New Beginnings (the third and final book in the Finding My Way series) published sometime in November.

A HUGE thanks to Megan Keith for letting us be part of this awesome blog tour! Now go enter the giveaway!!

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