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Guest Reviewers Reviews

So we have asked for a little help since we have fallen a little behind. We are SO grateful and overwhelmed by all the love from you guys! So here are a couple of reviews by a couple of our new guest reviewers! If you liked what they had to say leave them a comment! Thanks Bookies!!!


4 Stars. I absolutely loved this book! Out From Under is the first book in the Lover’s Duet series. It is so much more than a story about bikers and a MC club. It’s a story about freedom, a daughter trying to find where she fits in and a family’s betrayal and secrets. Then Selene Chardou throws in a Rock Star and some steamy sex and you have an amazing story of unconditional love with drama and suspense that will keep you guessing!

You fall in love with Trista and Linx right from the beginning. Trista Lennon is bright, sassy and ready to leave her life in Pine Bluff, Nevada behind her. Right before she is to leave for Stanford University, a family tragedy occurs shattering her world. Her life is turned upside down and she moves out to California to live with her cousin, Talia, the lead singer for the up and coming rock band, Winters Regret.  Lennon (Linx) Carter, isn’t the typical rock star. He is dark, brooding, serious and would rather stay in the background. After a failed marriage, he wasn’t looking for love but also didn’t like the loneliness he felt between the stage and his real life.

Trista and Linx are both strong people, but they have a vulnerability about them that you immediately want to fix. Their journey to find happiness is very emotional and they need to heal each other’s heart so they can move forward with any type of normalcy. You will love the sensitivity of this rocker and how he protects Trista from her past and wants to be everything to her future!
There are many twists and turns throughout this story and the suspense sucks you in and you can’t get enough. Although it ends with some drama, I didn’t feel it was a typical cliffhanger where you have to wait to find out if they ever get their HEA. As a continuation of the suspense and drama that Trista’s family has created, I am looking forward to continuing Trista and Linx’s journey to healing, peace and finding happiness within themselves and with each other.
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Lust, passion, bootlegging, mystery, intrigue, gangs. It's all in here and much more. Welcome to a young woman's point of view of 1920's prohibition. And might I say, it's mighty HOT!

Tiny is a 20 year old still living with her father, attending nursing school, caring for her two younger sisters and helping her father in his bootlegging operations. While her father has a legitimate business as an automobile mechanic, his main business is customizing cars with hidden compartments for his bootlegging.

When her father is kidnapped and held for ransom Tiny is thrust deeper into a dangerous and passionate world in order to come up with enough ransom money to save him.

While not really historically accurate it's a fun ride complete with TWO, dare I say it, TWO gorgeous men who tie Tiny in knots. Speak Easy is a quick read with very little depth but it still made me want to dive into Tiny's world head first. Thank heaven's this story has a sequel. Would you choose unpredictable and devilishly handsome or constant and gorgeous? Ya, I'd take them both too.



A reminder that love has no bounds and can overcome the struggles of life, that is what I was left with after reading Something to Believe In by M.K. Oien.  I have to admit, I am not the mushy romance novel type, they kind of make me itchy and uncomfortable.  I am so glad that I gave this novel a chance and put my preconceived notions aside, as it may have started a change in my view of the romance genre as a whole.  M.K. Oien was able to take the characters she created and transform them into people that I could relate to and feel something real for.  I did not feel like I was reading a silly story about a man on a horse, with long flowing hair, rescuing a silly girl who knew no better (which is how I typically think of romance novels), it was actually quite the opposite.  At first I was intimidated by the main female character, Mackaela, with her tough bravado and her no non-sense way about her.  Through wonderful development and methodical planning, I came to know her as someone so deserving of care and understanding, although she was handed a hard lot in life and was not handling it well or at all.  Mickey, the big brother with a steel exterior hiding his heart of gold, made me feel a bit like he was pushed into his unlikely profession of a drug dealer and leader of a prostitution ring.  You could see the crazy lives that Mackaela and Mickey were carving out for themselves, the platonic love they had for each other, the way that they held each other together, but also that there was something or someone else missing from their lives.

On a technical end, I was very impressed with the way the book was both structured and how thoroughly it was edited.  In my opinion a book can be ruined by poor editing as well as the inability to begin and end thoughts in a cohesive manner.  M.K. Oien was clear, concise, and refused to keep repeating the same thoughts over and over again.  She let me sit back and use my own memories and imagination to fill in the gaps in a way that was almost effortless.

My only problem with this novel is that I felt like we were missing some more action in there somewhere.  Don't get me wrong, I sat down and read this book cover to cover in one sitting, but I just kept waiting for the bad guy to pop up again and make his final stand.  Maybe it is the action lover in me who was looking for that perfectly wrapped up ending for the notorious bad guy, but it just seemed like that part of the story was left open ended.

Mackaela's struggles with love and relationships make her a real person in our real and hurtful world.  I appreciate the tact that the author showed in revealing Mackaela's haunted past and the terrible abuse she endured throughout her life.  It made her more real to know that this is not something she wore as a badge on her, but a problem that she continued to grow past and struggle with once her heart was free to heal again.  Healing she does, as Mack moves and grows with the love of a man that she tries so hard to ignore and throw away, but becomes an undeniable part of her journey and her life.

I have to admit, after spending the day reading this novel, that I will for sure be reading the next book in the Silver Series when it is released.  I still do crave a bit more action in my books, but it was refreshing to sit back and get caught up in the healing that can happen when a soul finds its place in another.  It was a time well spent, and a book well written by M.K. Oien


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