Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review of The Beck Brothers Series by Andria Large

The Beck Brothers Series by Andria Large is an awesome series about 4 incredibly HOT brothers! Each book has alternating POVs of the two main characters the book is about, but each book also throws in the POV of one of the brothers making the segue into the next book perfect! I absolutely loved this aspect of Andria’s writing.   

Book 1 is about Henry, a powerful CEO of an advertising agency. He needs a new personal assistant and HR ends up hiring a beautiful single mother, Claire Russell. This book just made me feel good and I think I had a smile on my face most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely unexpected events that you don’t know how they will turn out, but it was fun seeing them try to deny their attraction and the way Henry treats her son makes him swoon worthy!

Henry is currently on sale for $.99 on Amazon!

Book 2 is about Sebastian, a tattooed gunsmith whose wife cheated on him and divorced him. He swore he would never let another woman get close enough to hurt him.  After having to protect his nephews with deadly force, he has to work with someone he never expected to see again after having an interesting first encounter a year ago, Detective Raelynn Reynolds.  There is chemistry between them but they both know they can’t act on it. Will that connection be too much to ignore so they break the rules to be together or will other circumstances keep them apart? You’ll have to read to find out! ;)

Book 3 is about Quinn, a successful architect who likes to work in peace and quiet and is a man of few words.  Quinn doesn't like anyone touching him due to a traumatizing event that happened 20 years ago.  His boss brings in bubbly French architect Margot Leclair.  He is forced to share his office and his biggest project with her, but Margot drives him crazy.  After a year of working together, they are sent to London for a conference. When Quinn has to save Margot from a scary incident, they cut their trip short but then a death in Margot’s family shortly after returning from London sends her back to France.  Quinn insists he go with her because he knows she doesn't have anyone close to her that cares about her.  If he’s honest with himself, he knows he really cares about her, but will his secret from the past keep him from getting too close?

Book 4 is about Christian, the artistic brother who also happens to be gay even though his family doesn't know.  I wasn't sure about reading my first guy/guy book, but by the time you get to the fourth book, you are already in love with all of the characters and I've gotta say, it was HOT, HOT, HOT!!! If you’re like me, after reading so many books with descriptive sex scenes, it all just becomes a little humdrum, but this will get your engine revving! ;)  I don’t want to give away who his relationship is with but it is a true testament to love and friendship. There are major events that happen that keep you turning that page.  This final book in the series nicely wraps up all of their stories.

Everyone needs to go pick up this series!  I seriously couldn't put them down until I read all four books. ~Kendra

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