Monday, October 21, 2013

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Going into the her second year of high school in the rural town of Laton, Reese was ready to come out of her shell, experience life with her best friends and find a way to tell Titus she wanted to be more than friends. When Josh, the new student, shows up on the first day and a whirlwind relationship starts between him and Reese, she was in her own world and barely noticed her friend spiraling downhill. The night Josh pushed her to far her best friend died, causing her own world to spiral. 

Trying to move on from losing her best friend and ignore what Josh did to her, Reese pulls away from everyone. She had to overcome her fears and face her demons to be able to move forward.

Falling Behind by Dee Avila was a very good read and deals with a lot of heavy topics. Reese is a sophomore in high school and best friends with Candice and Titus. It’s always been the three of them, but this school year brings lots of changes. Reese has always had feelings for Titus, but she doesn’t know that he has had the same feelings for her. Candice made Titus promise not to date Reese this year and he hates it when Reese starts dating Josh who is very controlling of her.  No matter what, Titus will be there for Reese and she definitely needs him this year. As I said, this book deals with a lot of heavy topics….sex, drugs, rape, abuse, and death and I think the author handled them very well for her young adult readers. I give Falling Behind 4.5 stars. ~Kendra

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I'm a wife and mother of four. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I use to write fairy tales when I was in grade school, but now I love writing about those tough high school years and how one decision can change the course of your life. Friendships, first loves and over coming the odds all interest me.

Three years ago, I decided life was too short to waste my stories by letting them collect dust on my shelves. I researched querying, took a few writing workshops and wrote the whole time. I first ventured away from what I normally wrote and tried a Paranormal Romance. That novel is tucked safely away. A year ago I chose to go back to my roots and write what I love - friendships, love and choices - how speaking out can save a life, maybe yours or a friends.

I talked to other authors and made wonderful friends. That's when I learned about self-publishing. I'm glad I followed through. I was so nervous to hit publish, but now I am grateful for the encouragement. It was the best decision I've ever made.
I'm usually in front of my laptop. When I'm not writing I am either trying to catch up on a weeks worth of laundry or on Facebook. I am a huge procrastinator. Usually close to a deadline, you can find me actually cleaning house just so I don't have to hit send. I think sending my books out to betas and my editor is the second scariest thing in the world. I love Rockstars and PB&J sandwiches. (Not the healthiest I know but it’s the fastest and it tastes good.)

I love meeting new people, find me on Facebook/deeavilaauthor
or Twitter @deeavilabooks.

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