Friday, October 11, 2013

Torn Blog Tour


After an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger, Kim Karr returns to beloved characters Dahlia and River, whose love is about to be tested by secrets…

River is the man who brought Dahlia back from the brink of hopelessness -- he’s the love she thought she’d never have again. Their connection lasted years and their passion is intense. But Dahlia is about to stumble onto two shocking discoveries. And her world is about to crash to the ground once more. Because someone from her past is about to resurface – throwing into question everything she thought she knew…

Torn starts where Connected stopped.  Your so ready for Dahlia and River to be together but, a suprising phone call changes everything.  I was not a big fan of Ben I did not like his decision and the choice he made at the begining.  River is the stand up guy that deserves to be happy and have his girl.  There are a lot of answered questions in this book.  If you have not read Connected I highly reccomend that you read that prior to this one.  

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