Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review of Finding Me 1, 2 &3 by Danielle Taylor

Part #1

Finding Me (Finding Me #1)
Abandoned by her birth parents, Lacy Harrison grew up struggling to figure out where she belongs. A few days after her nineteenth birthday she packs a bag, straps her guitar to her back, and leaves rural Texas for the country of her birth.

Short but sweet read. This first book is fast paced, you have to jump right in.   Lacy is that timid shy girl that you think needs protection.  Dex is the typical emo bad boy who you know has underlying issues.  It's a chance encounter on a park bench and a quick song.  The natural pull between musicians leads to coffee, a flat, and limits being pushed.  

Part #2
Finding Me (Finding Me #2) If you have ever found yourself in another country in a sexy strangers flat then you will know exactly how Lacy feels the morning after.  You start to really find depth in the characters in this book.  You start to wonder if Lacy made the right choice.  Dex does not disappoint and becomes the heroin that we all love.  Planes, Trains, and Automobiles has nothing on this trip that Lacy and Dex have embarqued on.  

Finding Me (Finding Me #3)The third book really got me.  I have to officially say that I can not wait to read the 4th book.  You cry for Lacy when she gets on the bus to head to her promised job in Scotland for 30 day.  You cringe and almost laugh the morning after she arrives at the discussion her and her new boss have.  By far this is my favorite book so far.  All in all the three books are a fairly short read and was entertaining.  

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