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The Lotus Blog Tour..

The Lotus Blog Tour


Book Description:
A fashion model’s scandalous erotic odyssey continues in the sequel to Cult of Beauty: the Secret Life of a Supermodel, as Katie Wolfer battles with her step-sister and gets in deep with a charismatic, French billionaire on a secret project: The Lotus. Rife with drugs, wild sex and other questionable behaviors, Katie's story is a roller coaster ride that pulls back the curtain on a shocking, decadent world.
 As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Katie is a magnet for people’s desire, and she herself has a deep wild streak that makes her a perfect match for French aristocrat and polo player, Victor de Goncourt. He wants her to help him run a very special project: The Lotus. Can business and pleasure mix?

A fashion model’s scandalous erotic odyssey continues in this sequel to Cult of Beauty: the Secret Life of a Supermodel, as Katie Wolfer battles with her step-sister and gets in deep with a decadent, French billionaire on a secret project: The Lotus.


 This book is a strong 4 star review. This book was written well and really described the life of a model. This book has a lot of sex and more sex every way you can think of. This book shows how Katie is finally finding herself and learning to be who she is. This book is perfect for anyone wanting a glimpse into the intriguing and mysterious world of modeling, with a good dose of sex too :) If your looking for erotica and scandal this book is right up your alley so get it you wont regret it...I didn't cant wait to see what happens next!!

Author Bio:
K M Dylan is a former model turned author. She is half French, half American and lives in NYC.
Her introduction to erotica was from amazing classics her parents had hidden away. After reading books by Anais Nin, Emmanuelle Arsan and Pauline Reage's Story of O, she decided it was okay to experiment sexually, sometimes linked to a romantic relationship, and sometimes not. Ms Dylan's career in fashion together with her sexual exploration have provided inspirational material for her erotic writings. When she's not writing, she loves to collect art and travel.
For more information about K M Dylan and her novels, visit her Facebook author page at

The Lotus, Book Two, Cult of Beauty Series
(I gave them movie ratings for guidance on how explicit each one is)
Excerpt 1 (R):
"After Natasha was gone, I left the men to lose themselves in their devices in the kitchen and went outside to the pool. After checking that they hadn’t followed me and that I had some privacy, I unzipped my skirt, pulled off my t-shirt and went for a swim au naturel. The setting sun had tinted the horizon a salmon color and the water was like a liquified impressionist painting of pink and aqua. There were a few squawking sea gulls swooping around in the warm summer breeze. It was both refreshing and voluptuous to slip into the pool with nothing on. The water felt like a caress on my skin, a caress of my entire being, soothing my anguish. The summer evening was gorgeous and idyllic, giving no indication that anyone had died and that tragedy had struck this house, this family. If my life were a movie, at this moment the director would have set the scene in a raging hurricane, with screaming winds and torrential rains to indicate that something terrible had happened and the world was akilter. Instead I was floating in a beautiful serene pool at a beach villa at sunset. I swam a few laps of the pool, pushing myself to exert energy and clear my head. When I stepped out of the pool, Arnaud came out of the kitchen with a towel. This reminded me of Daniel and how he used to bring me towels and French rosé by the pool.
“Here you go, Katie,” he said with his delicious French accent, his eyes sweeping across my nude body glistening with droplets of water lit up by the orange gold light of the evening. My nipples were puckered from the cool ocean breeze, and I saw his eyes focus on my chest for a second.
He said, “You certainly are one of the most beautiful women in the world, Katie. I’m sorry I can’t help looking at you.” I smiled and shrugged it off, saying, “Everybody does. That’s why I get paid the big bucks.” He chuckled and instead of just handing me the towel, he wrapped it around me, and rubbed my back with his hand. “Do you feel any better?” I shrugged. Don’t rush me, I need to mourn, I thought. I put my arms around him. “You make me feel better, Arnaud. Thank you for coming so quickly, and taking care of me… of us.” He wrapped his arms around me too and we stood there, holding each other in the dark by the pool, without saying anything. Thank God he had come. My towel slipped off me and pooled at my feet. I didn’t bother to pick it up.
I looked up at his face that was shrouded in shadow, but I could make out his intense, glistening eyes. I saw a compassionate warmth there, and an invitation. I kissed his lips softly. He didn’t resist and kissed me back. I felt a warmth stir in my core as he gazed into my eyes, and I was quite sure he felt a similar feeling—what the French call volupté—a sensual languor, which is a pre-cursor to full-blown lust. I couldn’t help thinking about what a magnificent lover he had been last time I saw him, and he was probably having similar thoughts as he held my naked body close. I pulled away from our embrace, and looking up at him shyly, said, “Shall we set you up in your room? You’re probably exhausted.” I picked up the towel and wrapped it around me to cover up. I needed to push away those thoughts and not tease him."

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